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Help for marriage

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      Ricky s


      Dear astrologers, can you please tell when will he get married. Birth details are

      Date of birth – 15 August 1990

      Time – 17:27  (05:27 PM)

      Place – New Delhi, India

      Trying to find a match for many years

      Thanks and regards

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      Navneet Khanna

      Looking at the birth chart we see that lagan is Makkar and Rashi is Aries. Moon rules the 7th house of marriage. There are 4 planets in the 7th house. When there is no much cosmic energy in any house, it is bound to create confusions and delays. Venus the karka for marriage is with Ketu forming the Stree dosha. The horoscope is weak for marital happiness. He certainly needs to do remedies of Venus to get the good results on this front.


      Navneet Khanna


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      Ricky s

      Thank you so much sir for the reply.

      Can you please tell me what are the positives in this birth chart. I have shown it to many astrologers and every time i am told that there is another kind of a negative yog present in my horoscope. Sir when will marriage happen and how will my life be regarding health/career and marriage.
      Please please please guide
      Thank you

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      Ricky s

      Can someone please guide

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