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House / Flat in my destiny

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    Neeraj Gupta

    Dear Sir,


    I am Neeraj Gupta. I am 50 years old. I want to know if i am destined to buy a house / flat. pl. suggest a good period and direction.

    I am Delhi born. am i destined to settle down in born city or somewhere else. ?

    My Birth Details:

    September 04,1968 at 05:53 AM in New Delhi.

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    This is your last question in a series of dozens of questions to which we have answered that you do have a feeble chance of setting up a family. What is the need of a house or flat for you to live alone in life. Enjoy it as much as you can and go and see places to spend the rest of your time.

    Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net effect

    Sun 100.00 41.75 38.99 19.26 Benefic 80.74
    Moon 70.39 54.93 35.98 9.09 Benefic 64.00
    Mars 48.86 5.28 63.87 30.85 Malefic 33.79
    Mercury 63.93 61.20 12.76 26.04 Benefic 47.28
    Jupiter 70.01 8.32 42.25 49.44 Malefic 35.40
    Venus 68.63 15.25 65.55 19.20 Malefic 55.46
    Saturn 5.65 28.13 45.62 26.24 Malefic 4.17
    Rahu 100.00 8.32 42.25 49.44 Malefic 50.56
    Kethu 96.53 61.20 12.76 26.04 Benefic 71.39

    Net 72.17 31.60 40.00 28.40 Malefic 51.68

    Your current Saturn period is a malefic with a strength of 4.17%. It is high time that you should fall at the feet of God and ask for a better life next. Read Srimad Maha Bhagavata which will help you pass your free time for your good days in the coming lives.
    Wishing you best of luck.

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    Neeraj Gupta

    Respected Sir,

    with your blessings and God Grace, i have found a girl with whom i am going to get marry in Jan.2018.

    I want my own house/ flat to buy. That’s why, i did ask.

    with warm Regards.

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    Wishing you all the best. Once the marriage is over, let me have her birth details too and I will reply to you then after studying both in synchronization.

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    Neeraj Gupta

    OK Sir

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    Neeraj Gupta

    Respected Sir,


    This is in continuation of our last communication.

    This is regarding my second marriage prospects.

    Sir you did ask for the girl’s birth details for your interpretation.

    My Birth details are: Neeraj Gupta : September 04,1968 at 05:53 AM in New Delhi- India

    Girls Birth Details are : Sheela Yadav: October 12,1977 at 20:05 Hrs (8:05 PM ) in Faridabad – Haryana – India

    I married this girl six month ago. But i am unable to buy a flat / House for us.

    Neeraj Gupta

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    Here are the strengths of planets and nature of your new wife.

    Planet Nature Net Strength

    Sun Malefic 20.91
    Moon Malefic 0.24
    Mars Malefic 47.56
    Mercury Benefic 4.56
    Jupiter Benefic 76.98
    Venus Malefic 59.47
    Saturn Benefic 83.68
    Rahu Benefic 3.63
    Kethu Benefic 7.95

    Net Malefic 30.21

    Her Saturn Mahadasa will start from July 2019 which has a very high strength of 83% and maybe she will be able to help you buy a house.

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    Neeraj Gupta

    Thank you so much and so kind of you sir.

    I hope our union will be very prosperous and full of happiness.

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