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How to i move forward in life?

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum but found threads here to be genuinely helpful so i am trying my luck. Here are my details:

    D.O.B-November 17, 1988
    Birth Time-15:55
    Place-Ghaziabad, U.P

    I just don’t understand myself. What kind of person i am and what do i want from my life career wise as well on the personal front. Any of the wise souls here can at least tell me anything that gives me perspective in life, career and personal relationships.
    I am seeking guidance from blessed astrologers regarding:
    1. How are my prospects career wise? How should i proceed?
    2. Is my married life going to be really as bad as most readings tell me? (i am not married yet)

    Any help and insights would be highly appreciated.

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    When you work for 100 units, your returns will only be worth around 89 units. You will have to accept this situation. Do not go after business or speculative trading. Stick on to a paid job if possible. Your marital house is the weakest and you will have to necessarily get a horoscope with good matching if you wish to marry. You can read my articles on my blog to get a better exposure on astrology and its usefulness in life.

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    Thank you sir for your insights.

    Can i ask how are my prospects to work abroad or settle there?
    And are there any remedies you want me to do?

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    Basically it will not make any difference in earning potential even if you work in another country. Read my article “Are there remedies in Astrology?” on my blog.

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    Thank you sir for your advice.

    I will stick to working hard as the only resort.

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