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How will the Venus mahadasa be?

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      Respected astrologers,

      Below are the details of my son
      Date : 15- Jan – 2017
      Time : 05:48 AM
      Place : Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

      He has a developmental delay. We are undergoing behavioural therapy for him. Though he talks, he is unable to communicate properly. Whatever he tries to communicate is mostly meaningless. Also he doesn’t socialise with other people and doesn’t play with other kids at all.
      Currently he is undergoing ketu mahadasa until Dec 2021.
      How will his Venus mahadasa be? Can we expect him to be a normal child by then and play with other kids and communicate well. Can we see him improving and picking up things in Ketu MD – mercury AD.
      Please throw some light on his future.
      Really worried 😭.

      Thank you

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      Have a look at the strength and nature of his planets which will reflect in his life.

      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Malefic 17.47
      Moon Benefic 0.60
      Mars Benefic 53.34
      Mercury Benefic 27.26
      Jupiter Benefic 37.00
      Venus Benefic 91.47
      Saturn Benefic 28.47
      Rahu Malefic 46.51
      Kethu Benefic 43.51

      Net Benefic 39.93

      Weak planets will contribute only little to his overall development particularly in their Mahadasas and Antardasas. After 2021, he will start showing improvement in his Venus Mahadasa, Venus antardasa.

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      Hi TMR Sir,

      So Venus being the strongest planet in his chart, will he develop completely, have a proper education and lead a good life?

      Thank you

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      Venus Mahadasa is good. But not all antardasas will be that good. Read my blog to get more details about it.

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara Rao

      Your son’s lagna is Dhanush.
      First house–Budha-mixed results.
      Second house–Sun–good for finances.
      Guru is seeing second house–very good.
      Sani is seeing second house–very bad.
      Sani is very very bad planet for this lagna.
      Third house–kuja,sukra and kethu.
      Kuja is excellent planet for this lagna.
      It is good.
      Sukra is bad planet for this lagna.
      Such a planet in upachaya house(3rd house)is good.
      Kuja ,who represents luck factor,is joined with kethu.
      It is not good and reduces to some extent ,luck factor.

      9th house–moon and rahu.-mixed results-not good.
      Sani is seeing ninth house..Luck factor is spoiled.
      10th house-Guru–excellent.
      12th house-Sani.–very bad.

      Sukra maha dasa is good.But second house is spoiled.
      Second house represents speaking abilities.
      It is spoiled.
      But your son’s Guru is very good.
      He will develop slowly.His second house(house of speech)
      is spoiled.

      If child is already speaking few words,child can
      speak well after she attains four and half years age.
      Or some children speak after 5years of age.Dont worry.

      I am telling this after seeing so many children in my
      Try this method for 4months.

      1.Place child in sunlight daily for 10 mins.
      2.Massage child’s body with water morning and evening
      for 10mins.
      3.Make the child to follow veganism method.
      Veganism means avoiding milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,
      tea,icecreams,chocolates,nonveg,fish and eggs.

      please see articles in internet by typing in google-kumrao99

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