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I am suffering from neurological disorders

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      Birth details – 13feb2000

      time – 08:05 am

      place of birth – india

      state – delhi

      please tell when good things will come in my life when i will be rich . At this point of time i am suffering from neurological disorders that cant be diagnosed and no cure so please tell everything about me

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      Navneet Khanna

      Looking at your natal chart I can say that lagan lord Saturn is debilitated, because of which you have health issues. You need to strengthen your lagan and that is possible by doing Saturn remedies.

      1. Read Hanuman chalisa

      2. Visit Shani temple

      3. Wear Neeli or Blur Sapphire in silver on your right hand middle finger

      Your horoscope is good on the money front. With 10th lord Mars in 2nd house of finance, does indicate that you will be self sufficient in life and enjoy comforts and luxuries. Despite challenges in your life, look at your own potential, interest and possibilities which are limitless. It is all about looking at life in a positive way and making the best out of it.


      Navneet Khanna




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        Thanx for your response

        Sir because of this health problem i am getting setbacks in life.

        i used to be very passionate

        I will surely do the remedies given by you

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