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inter caste marriage

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      name rahul
      dob 13.12.90
      place jodhpur
      time 1.45 pm
      respected astro
      i want to know about my marriage
      whether it will be love marriage or
      nd if arranged then it will be in the
      same cast or inter cast i mean love
      cum arrange
      nd grl details are
      name shivani
      timw 00.30
      place bikaner
      plz reply thnk u in adv.

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      Navneet Khanna

      Looking at your horoscope matching it is seen that the Ashtkoot Guna milan is 22 out of 36 which is higher than 18 that is required for marriage. However there is Antya Nadi Dosha, which is not good. Nadi dosha is related to progeny and you can read more about Antya Nadi dosha on in detail.

      Click to Read more about Nadi Dosha

      Regarding Mangal dosha it is seen that in the birth chart of Boy Mars is placed in the third house from the lagna while in the Moon chart Mars is placed in eighth house from the Moon. Hence Boy is not Mangalik from the Birth Chart but Chandra Mangalik from the Moon Chart. In the birth chart of Girl Mars is placed in the sixth house from the lagna while in the Moon chart Mars is placed in ninth house from the Moon. Hence Girl is not a Mangalik from the Birth Chart as well as from the Moon Chart. As Girl is not manglik while Boy has strong mangal dosha, it is a below average match.


      Navneet Khanna

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      Surjeet Singh

      Sir, I am in Rahu Mahadasha and feeling unsuitability, excessive thinking I want to know the remedies and want to know the effect of Guru’s mahadasha and further life. which is about to come. I have written email also in this regard.. Thanks & God Bless you..

      Surjeet Singh
      DOB – 19-01-1979
      TOB – 04:15 AM
      Place – Tohana, Haryana.

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      Meetu 17/07/1988.4pm delhi
      When i get married . how will be my husband. Where i get him

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