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Is there any chances of getting a job in recent days ?

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    In last march2014 I met with an accident , undergor a surgery in august and then a review surgery for the same in october , from march 2014 i do not have any job just 1-2 freelance classes that had given me little earnings.

    I am applying for interviews but ot getting any calls or job?

    I want to ask to respected astrologer that is their any possibility of getting a job recently

    22-september -1984 , time :13:10 , Place : Agra (U.P)

    additional info :-
    no siblings

    april 2013- december 2013 , thigs going good ,
    january 2014-march 2014 -things start to get bad
    march 2014 -accident , and ligamnet rupture of the knee ,
    october2012-april 2013 no jobs ,was cheated and blackmailed for money , blackmailers helped by a policeman , encountered one more time by police but didnt framed charges for cheating evidence wasnr available but went to police station .

    january2010-octber 2012 ;- pramotions , gud career , average earning , results were coming without oing any hardwork , getting respect , social fame , job of markting mix with teaching

    feb2014 – father’s health issue i.e brain stroke ,

    When will I get a job

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    Life is a mixtures of gains and losses and we never take back anything when we leave this world. We leave everything behind. Nor did we bring anything when we were born. Your entire period of life is being looked after by God, the creator and He will continue doing so. These are all some phases of life, like the ones we have everyday. Keep on trying and you will get a job you deserve where you can excel in and earn your living well. Timing of such twists and turns are very difficult to predict. The second half of this year looks good for you. Let us wait and see.

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