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    Amit Kumar Aggarwal

    I want to know about my job as I am trying to find a new job since 1 year but not able to find any new job. My current job is ok, but not giving more benefits to me and I am not getting new higher position and no salary increase is there. I work in Noida. I want to know below things:
    1) What should I do to get a new job, I wont be able to spend much on this but can try to think of what you suggest, if its not an expensive remedy.
    2) When will I get a new job? I am frustrated now of finding a new job but not getting any.

    Request you to please help me in this and I hope to have a good and long time connection with you, by hoping that what you tell me is correct and your help gives me a new job asap.

    My details:
    Name: Amit Kumar Aggarwal
    DOB: 25 Nov 1986
    TOB: 07:30 AM
    POB: Hissar, Haryana.

    Looking for a quick update from your side on this query of mine. Thanks.


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    Astrology cannot tell you what you should do to get a new job or questions like that. You are already employed and your horoscope can only tell you the potency of your career house and house of gains. Astrology defines job as any verb you do to earn your living. Remedies in astrology are mostly invented by wayside astrologers to make money for themselves. Prayer to God is the only remedy prescribed by Astrology and you can do that in any form you like. Read my blog to get a scientific idea about astrology and its scope in life.

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