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      Sir my saturn antardasha is going to start under Rahu. Saturn being the 6th lord of career goes to 5th. Moreover saturn return is also near.
      Is there any termination of job seen?

      04 August 1991
      10:08 am
      Dinhata (West Bengal)

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      Your returns from career is poor like when you work for 100 units your return will only be worth 70 units. There is also a Kemadruma Yoga in your horoscope. 2022 to 2025 will be hard upon you in your career. Saturn is a good benefic in your horoscope though not at all strong. So you have nothing to be afraid of on account of Saturn. Rahu, Kethu, Jupiter and Mars are the malefic planets in your horoscope and they will give you nagging problems in life.

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      JVS RAO (KP Astrologer)

      You might have observed satisfactory change in present job in the last two years. Saturn even though 6th lord in the 4th (not in 5th which negation to 6th – service, day to day attendance) it is connected to 10th and 11th. It gives success in profession only.
      The 4th house gives you to be in the same place and get chances to tour inland and abroad.
      Good Luck

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      Sir but in birth chart it shows the Saturn in Capricorn with 9deg.

      I don’t know if you are calculating through KP. KP is bit hard topic for me.


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      Your Saturn is in the 4th house as is given by the following chart. Sri Rao is absolutely right.

      House Start Cusp End Planets in it

      1st 10 Vi 17′ 20.19″ 25 Vi 17′ 20.19″ 10 Li 17′ 20.19″ As
      2nd 10 Li 17′ 20.19″ 25 Li 17′ 20.19″ 10 Sc 17′ 20.19″ Pl
      3rd 10 Sc 17′ 20.19″ 25 Sc 17′ 20.19″ 10 Sg 17′ 20.19″
      4th 10 Sg 17′ 20.19″ 25 Sg 17′ 20.19″ 10 Cp 17′ 20.19″ Sa, Ra, Ur, Ne
      5th 10 Cp 17′ 20.19″ 25 Cp 17′ 20.19″ 10 Aq 17′ 20.19″
      6th 10 Aq 17′ 20.19″ 25 Aq 17′ 20.19″ 10 Pi 17′ 20.19″
      7th 10 Pi 17′ 20.19″ 25 Pi 17′ 20.19″ 10 Ar 17′ 20.19″
      8th 10 Ar 17′ 20.19″ 25 Ar 17′ 20.19″ 10 Ta 17′ 20.19″ Mo
      9th 10 Ta 17′ 20.19″ 25 Ta 17′ 20.19″ 10 Ge 17′ 20.19″
      10th 10 Ge 17′ 20.19″ 25 Ge 17′ 20.19″ 10 Cn 17′ 20.19″ Ke
      11th 10 Cn 17′ 20.19″ 25 Cn 17′ 20.19″ 10 Le 17′ 20.19″ Su, Ju
      12th 10 Le 17′ 20.19″ 25 Le 17′ 20.19″ 10 Vi 17′ 20.19″ Ma, Me, Ve

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      Sorry to disturb again.

      I just came here to tell you that except this forum, Everyone told me that within this year I will be terminated from my job.

      I am very depressed right now. Let’s see sir what happens.

      I am a big lover of astrology though I don’t know the calculations. I am following Tmr sir blog from 2015. I posted about your blog on Astrologersforum (Noel Eastwood) also.

      Jvs Rao sir, thankyou for giving me support as other astrologers has told me that my job is going to be over soon.

      Anyhow let’s see what happens


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      Your career, a job is an ongoing process which is called Karma in the Puranas and often the nature and place of the job changes to suit the circumstances. So anybody who tells that you will be terminated from the job is just nonsense. May be you will change the nature of the jobs to suit the changed situations which is just what you should do to continue your existence till the end of your life. The success factor in career and other things in life can be got from evaluating your horoscope.

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      Date of birth:11/10/1995
      Time of birth: 10:30 PM
      Place of birth: surat Gujarat

      Respected sir ,
      Can you please tell me.. when will I get government job ?

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      Your Career house, the 10th lord Jupiter is having near zero residential strength and Sun is very weak in your horoscope. It is unlikely that you will get a Govt. job.

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