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      1. Poornima Patil
      2. DOB :24/03/1997
      3. Time :10:55 am
      4. Place :gadag
      5. I have applied for veterinary inspector job, I’ll get this job or not?

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      We cannot answer your  specific question. However you will get a good job very soon by end 2022/ early 2023.

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      J V Subbarao

      You will surely get the job in veterinary department. 10th cusp is in Kumbha 13°9’9″. It is in Saturn sign Rahu star Mercury sub.

      Sign lord Saturn is in his own star in 10th (Profession). Saturn is applying to 11th house (success). Saturn is aspecting Jupiter in 9th house.

      Star lord Rahu is in the star of Sun in 10th (profession) and conjoined with Venus, Saturn. Sun for Government sector and security of jog. Rahu is in the sub of Saturn in 10th. (Profession). Rahu is a significator of Mercury lord of 2 (finances) and 5 (inclination) in 11th (success).

      Sub lord Mercury is in 11th ( success) house in his own star and sub of Saturn in 10th (profession).

      The planets situated in 10th house are Saturn, Sun, Venus and Ketu. Sun is for medicine. Venus and Mars for animals. Saturn is for deep study. Mercury is for inspection and frequent visits or consultancy.

      So blending all these, you will get a Government job as a consultant or supervisor in a veterinary department. You will hear the news in the end of Dec 2021.  After Pongal in January 2022 you will get the job.

      Good Luck.

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