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      I’m suffering from severe financial pressures.kindly tell me when will i get good job???

      22.11.1982 time 9.50pm chennai


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      Assuming birth-time is accurate, my setting places Udaya Lagna or Ascendent in Karkataka/Cancer Rashi and Lagna Lord Moon/Chandra diagonally across in Makara/Capricorn Rashi. So, you are in the last phase of Sade-Sathi or Saturn/Shani-dev’s transit across natal placement of Moon/Chandra.

      On the sidelines, you were running Maha-Dasha of Jupiter/Guru-dev 6th (& 9th) lord of Debt/Diseases or Ripu/Rina until a few days back (as per Vimsotarri Dasha system). You have now switched Maha-Dashas to that of 7th & 8th lord Saturn/Shani-dev. So, there is bound to be some changes and some challenges – does not matter if you have a good, bad or ugly job. Incidentally, Artha Tri-Kona lords are in some way or the other either connected to Saturn/Shani-dev and/or Jupiter/Guru-dev.

      So, your query the way it is worded does not make much sense to me.

      Take care…

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