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Job change

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    VGanapathy Praveena

    Hi. My birth date is 20.06.1980, Coimbatore at 00:45. I have taken a voluntary break from work for my child. Am planning to join back in October. But my manager is new and seems keen to make my job difficult. Does it make sense for me to change jobs now ( am thinking even at a lower salary to be with my daughter more) or should I wait till my Rahu dasha) is over please?

    Any guidance would be much appreciated.


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    Only two planets Sun and Jupiter are powerful in your horoscope. All other planets are very weak in comparison. So better wait till Jupiter Mahadasa starting in March 2021 for taking any decision. More attention to your child is necessary since your 5th house is the weakest. Have a look at the strength and nature of your planets

    Planet Nature Strength
    Sun Benefic 83.57
    Moon Malefic 7.75
    Mars Malefic 4.54
    Mercury Benefic 22.28
    Jupiter Benefic 83.98
    Venus Benefic 18.81
    Saturn Benefic 10.23
    Rahu Malefic 21.66
    Kethu Benefic 26.28

    Net Benefic 33.09

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    Sridhar Venkat Somayajula

    Name- Sridhar Venkat Somayajula
    DOB- 5:24PM
    Place- Raurkela (Orissa)

    Currently I am having Mercury MD- MercuryAD and next phase would be Mercury MD- Ketu AD. would like to know how would be my job situation or any break in current Job.

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    You have not provided your date of birth. And Astrology cannot say whether there will be a change in job or whether there will be a break in job etc. Yes if the nature of job changes drastically, may be you will get an indication of that.

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