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Job change

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      date of birth :01-JUL-1978

      place of birth: Kolkata

      Time of birth:05:00am

      my question why I am not able to change my job.

      I am having Gemini Asc. The 10th lord will be activating the 2nd,6th house in Apr 2022 and 9th lord will activate the 6th house in Apr 2022. 6th and 11 lord will  in close conjunction with 10th lord in month may and aspecting the 5th house.

      I will be going through 10th lord dasha and anatardasha of 9th lord in month of apr – may 2022.

      As per nadi rule there will trinal aspect of natal jup and transit sa in month of apr which gives betterment in job

      So will there be a job change in Apr-May 2022?.

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      Navneet Khanna

      As what period you are talking about April – May 2022, Rahu will enter your 11th house, so yes the change in your job can be coming your way, but it may not be to your expectations.


      Navneet Khanna


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        PRANAB PAL

        thanks Sir for the response.

        That is basic tragedy in my life that i never get a job as per my expectation. I have settle with a job with some compromise.

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