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job or business

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    Namaste Sir,

    I would like to know about my financial matters. I am a post graduate, but i never did any job or business. Is there any thing(job or business) in my horoscope? If it is there when will it start? What I have to do to get money? I do lot of volunteer services. Why it is like that? I am wondering i have a good education still i don’t do any job?

    DOB : January 18 th 1974
    TOB : 10 : 25 pm
    POB :Addanki , Andhra Paradesh ,India

    I appreciate your time and effort

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    Your 1st and 10th houses are the weakest while all other houses are very potent. You lack self confidence, an introvert by nature and a very lazy person too. No wonder you can’t do any job or start something on your own. Best thing is to get married and she will do the rest to wake you up. You have a touch of Pravarjya Yoga too.

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