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JVS Rao Sir……pls help

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      I have asked previously in the forum about my marriage.

      Query :
      Hello everyone

      I am female born on 15th August 1988 @6.30 AM in Mumbai.

      I have rahu Ketu 1/7 axis in both lagna as well as navamsa chart. Also I have Saturn in 5th house and Rahu in 7th house. Additionally I have mars in 8th house. Many astrologers have said to me that it’s very bad placement of planets in the chart.
      How will be my married life?? Will it be a love marriage and will I be able to settle abroad?? According to my readings Saturn in the 5th house delays marriage whereas Rahu in the 7th gives marriage to the foreigner. Also my natal Sun is in the 12th house. I am going through Rahu mahadasha and Saturn mahadasha….both are placed in 7th and 5th house related to marriage.

      Can you please comment anything on this placement?

      Your valuable comments were as follows:

      1) There are chances for marriage in 2018 only. You will marry a person already known to you who comes from a nearby place. He is not a foreigner. You have to marry in unavoidable circumstances.
      As Navneet jee pointed out you have to be very careful in relationship front as love marriage is indicated.

      2) Please wait and see for next month. Unavoidable circumstances to you only. You have to face tensions or disturbances.
      If the marriage has not taken place, I will go through the chart. Please give me feedback.
      The reason why I have written unavoidable is:
      Bhukti lord Saturn is in the star of Ketu in lagna conjoined with Mercury and Moon. Mercury is the lord of 3rd house (communication) and Moon(karaka for mind and thoughts) is the lord of 12th house (disappointment). Ketu representing Sun who is in 12th house. So I expect that any communication may give trouble to you.

      Marriage didn’t happened in 2018. Can you please look at my horoscope once again and let me know about my marriage???

      Thanks for your time sir!

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      JVS RAO(KP astrologer)

      Thank you for your feedback.
      I have again checked your horoscope and found the same what I have told you earlier. Your marriage should have been in 2018 only. All the principles for marriage are applying then. You are right. Saturn is in 5th house aspecting 7th and 11th. This is a cause for delay of marriage. Saturn will not allow other planets to give, only delay but do not deny.
      Saturn bhukti is upto 02-05-2020. He has to give the result within the time.
      Sun is having exact aspect to 3rd and 9th houses, hence the marriage may be fixed in this period which is upto 14-02-2019. Marriage would be in this year.
      This is an experience to me to probe further.
      Good Luck

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      Hello sir!

      Nothing happened anything yet!

      Inspire of trying everything no luck in marriage!

      Could you please check once again and let me know when are the chances of marriage??


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      You have a superlative horoscope. You will positively get married in the last quarter of 2019 or early 2020. However you will know who is your husband much earlier. You will also be fabulously rich in your married life. Read my blog to know my algorithm to arrive at the above conclusion.

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