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JVS Rao Sir – Question on Career

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    Dear JVS Rao Sir,
    About 1.5 months back, you advised me about job prospects. I have developed a keen interest in astrology in past 5 months and have been reading lessons although in an unstructured manner. I have some questions as below. Before that, my birth details are 12-Dec-1977, Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh), 21:35 hours.
    Your response on May, 24th
    Dear Vikas,
    You will get a job in this Sat sub period which is upto 8-10-2017.
    As per KP astrology, Sat is in the star of Ketu which is in 9th house (detrimental to 10th and in sub of Rahu which is in 3rd house and finally Rahu in Moon star which is applying to 6th house (house of day-to-day attendance). But in the sub sub period of Mercury, Venus, Mars you may get a job within their periods. Even if it is not there, you will get a job in Mercury Antara which is from 08-10-2017. Pls don’t be confused with above KP analysis. Best of luck.
    -JVS Rao
    My Questions
    1) You mentioned Moon applying to 6th house. My Moon is present in 6th house as per normal Rashi chart but as per KP chart it lies in 5th house. Its significations apply to 4,5,11,1 in the order. Using KP method can Rashi chart be used or is there something else you considered, I may not know of?
    2) You also suggested that there are job prospects in Sat sub-period upto 8-10-17 during sub-sub periods of Mercury, Venus and Mars. These three planets have a strong signification of 5th house, which is detrimental to 6th house of service?
    3) I am trying to analyze my life events in past 3 years which have had a significant transformation in me. I was focused on my work enjoying my job at a MNC with a decent family life and with significant international travel (alone). Then, I had differences with my parents over treatment of my spouse (Dec 2013 onwards), differences with my spouse (June2014 – Feb 2015). After this, I and my wife filled up gaps in our relationship and I quit my job in Aug, 2015 suddenly concerned with excessive foreign travel. In Feb, 2016 my mother-in-law who has been a person of inspiration and real mother to me, passed away. In Feb, 2017 we had birth of a daughter on the same day, my mother passed away last year. Since, past one year, I have been trying to land a new job but things do not progress, wherever it comes close something happens like position withdrawn by company or no result even after a good discussion with management. Now, I am analyzing the period I quit my job where Venus Antara started in May, 2015. Dasa has been Ra-Ve-Ve when this happened. Venus shows a strong signification of 5th house (detrimental to 6th), which might have been the effect (please correct me, if I am wrong). But, if I look at my previous career milestones of new job and promotions, Venus does appear favorable. I am unable to understand this. Also, all of these previous milestones have Antara lord in Mercury sub. Mercury in 5th house should give negative result to 6th (house of service) but I think, the positive result may be due to an Exchange of Mercury with Jupiter in 11th house and also a significator of 2, 11, 6, 9 houses, please correct me if I am wrong.
    4) Now, the ultimate question – based on the changes that have happened within me and self-analysis of my chart it appears to me that I have a life goal of doing something related to counselling and advice for the society (I gained knowledge in past lifetime but did not use it for mankind). Is this correct? Should I continue with a job for family responsibilities as I do not see self-employment in my chart (please correct, if I am wrong) and keep pursuing my life goal alongwith.

    With Regards,

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    Irrespective of which school of thought in Astrology is used, your strength and nature of planets are as here under.

    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 67.22 Malefic
    Moon 67.40 Malefic
    Mars 38.97 Malefic
    Mercury 28.31 Benefic
    Jupiter 4.12 Benefic
    Venus 44.03 Malefic
    Saturn 18.05 Benefic
    Rahu 61.98 Benefic
    Kethu 69.36 Benefic

    Net 51.60 Benefic

    Read my blog which will help you in understanding your relative periods and sub periods.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    You did great research on your horoscope with parasara method
    and k.p.method.
    Your lagna is Karakataka or Kataka.
    Moon in sixth house and Guru in 12th house is serious
    setback to your horoscope.
    You will face many hurdles in life,due to the negativity
    carried from past life.
    Dont confuse yourself that moon is in 5th house according
    to kp method.
    Important being placed in bad houses,is serious negativity
    in horoscope.
    Further Sani is big malefic for kataka lagna.
    Sani is in second house.
    It is serious setback for finances and family life.

    Hello sir,
    YOu have to do penance for 12months,to remove
    the negativity in horoscope.
    1.Penance means observing fast for one day in a week.
    On the day of fast ,you can eat uncooked vegetables,for
    two months.
    After two months,you have to fast for one day in a week,
    by drinking diluted lemon juice with honey.You can drink
    lemon juice(diluted) with honey ,daily 10 or 12 times.
    Prime minister Modi reached this level by his frequent
    fasting for the last 40years.
    Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness was also due to fasting.

    2.Second remedy-colour ray method(instead of gemstones)
    In paper shops,celliphone paper sheets are sold at the
    price of rs10 for one sheet.Purchase a yellow sheet of
    celliphone paper.You make it 4 pieces,each measuring
    6inches x 4inches.
    Then you place one piece of yellow sheet(6inches x 4 inches)
    on your face at a distance of one inch from your face,for
    3mins.You have to close your eyes and stand before sun
    after 8am or 9am ,when the sun is bright.
    Sun rays will pass through yellow paper and enter your face.
    This is divine light which reduces planetary evils.
    You can keep yellow paper for 3 days and give a break
    for 3 days.Again you can apply yellow light for 3 days.
    Like this ,you can continue for 3months.
    3.Feed birds and animals.
    4.Do daily 10 rolling namaskars on floor.
    It is called Anga pradakshinams.
    Ask any senior priest of temple its meaning.
    5.Whenever there is rain,you can sit in rain for
    3 or 5 mins.
    6.(If you are married)You have to do sex once in two months.
    YOur semen quality decides your prana( will power ) strength.
    Semen works as a shield against so many bad influences.
    Semen is God.Upanishads speak very great of Brahma charya.
    Brahma means semen and Charya means preserving.
    Your semen is your God.
    7.Another method of penance is sitting in a tub filled with
    cold water ,until the level of your navel.
    In ancient times,saints used to stand in water lake upto
    a waist level.
    Such a penance is simplified,by sitting in a tube.
    Purchase a plastic tub with a diameter of 3feet and height
    of seven inches.
    It will cost rs 400. You have to sit in the tub with cold water,
    but keep the feet outside the tub.
    Daily you can sit in tub water for 10 mins or 15 mins.
    It will raise kundalini and remove your sins of past life.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    dear vikas
    I am very happy to note that you started reading the lessons and learning astrology.
    1. As per Sage Parasara, we have to take houses for results not signs. In KP the division is as per Placidus system, not equal house division as the traditional astrologers follow. Here we show the houses as cusps in degrees, minutes and seconds in the same rasi chart. In KP analysis cusps play important role. Please note houses and signs are different.

    To ascertain the strength of a planet various divisional charts are used as Navamsa for marriage, Dasamsa for profession etc., In KP the star is divided into 9 parts in Vimshottari order and each part is called a Sub as Navamsa in traditional way.

    In any system “OCCUPANT IS STRONGER THAT THE OWNER” is the principle. In KP we take star not rasi as in convention. Ex: “A” is in the star of “B”. “A” has to give the results of “B” situated in a house along with the lordship houses of “B”. If the houses or stars of “A” are unoccupied, then “A” has to give “A” results along with star lord “B” results.

    As per KP chart Moon is in 5th house only, which is 6th sign. As Moon is nearing the same degree of 6th cusp, it predominantly gives the results of 6th house and 5th house. Here the principle is conjunction to the cusp as if it is with a planet.

    Every matter is under the control of the cuspal star lord and sub lord. Moon and 6th cusp are in JUP-VEN-MER. Like wise Mars, Venus and Ketu are in xxx-MER-MER in three different signs. It means they are in trine with one another.

    You have noticed that Mercury has given 6th house result while it is in detriment house 5th. As you pointed out Jupiter aspect from 11th is also there. Here the principle is : Mercury is in the star and sub of Venus in 4th, that Venus is conjoined with Mars 10th lord, Ketu 8th applying to 9th. This I have discussed in my first anaysis. That is why Mercury has got the significations of 10th and 9th etc. Because of Mercury connections with 10th, I have picked up Mercury period. Saturn would now in transit in Mercury star upto Oct 2017. That is why Saturn also I have taken.
    I appreciate you to serve the mankind in any way. I wish you all the best. With a small incidence, I conclude. One person retired in APSRTC and got Rs.700000/- as the retiral benefits. He had a son in marriage age. He approached the local astrologers to know the marriage period of his son. One person said some dosha in the chart and asked to do parihara. The man spent certain amount. The event had not taken place. Again he went to him. He said parihara in another way. Like wise he spent 50% of his benefits. Finally he came to my friend, a KP professional astrologer and found out that the marriage period is not yet come.
    Once again I appreciate you if you can serve the mankind honestly, so that GOD will definitely help you and your family ever. I appeal you, if you practice astrology, keep in mind that EVERYBODY COMES WITH SOME PROBLEM TO AN ASTROLOGER WE SHOULD NOT HECKLE OR BLUFF THEM. TRY TO CONSOLE AND PACIFY THEM. Please don’t think otherwise.
    JVS Rao

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