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JVS(KP Astrologer) : No child birth even after 7 years of marriage

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      My question is for JVS(KP Astrologer)

      Dear sir,

      It is 7 years since the couple got married. They are trying for a childbirth from past 5 years. Doctors report says there is no problem for the couples. The woman has not conceived even once and there is no miscarriage so far.

      Please let me know when exactly they become Parents to a child?
      I am astrologically literate, so you can tell me in technical terms.

      DOB 20/11/1985
      TOB 15.43 (Mesha lagna)
      POB Bangalore, Karnataka

      DOB 17/07/1980
      TOB 06.15 AM (Kataka Lagna)
      POB Bangalore, Karnataka

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      I am reading wife’s horoscope.
      Her lagna is Mesha.
      Lagna contains Rahu.It is bad.
      Lagna is being seen by Kuja,who is lagna
      owner.So the badness is much reduced and
      Rahu cant wag his tail as Lagna lord
      is keeping a watch.So dosha in lagna
      is under control.Not bad.
      But Kuja is neecha in navamsa.
      To that extent Lagna has become weak.
      But Sukra is seeing.So she is blessed.

      2nd,3rd,4th and 5th houses are vacant.
      As we are now examining about her
      children,fifth house gets attention.

      As already said,fifth house is vacant.
      But strong moon is seeing fifth house,
      it is good.
      But fifth house owner Ravi,is in
      eighth house.It is very bad.
      Further ,fifth house is seen by
      Sani.It is serious negativity or
      affliction for fifth house.

      Her horoscope,is very good,as
      two kendras are occupied Sukra and
      The other good things in horoscope,
      will not reduce the evil aspect os
      Sani on fifth house.
      She is running Sani mahardasa-moon
      antardasa from March 2017 to October 2018.

      She can reduce evil of Sani looks on fifth house,
      by doing penance for 6months and then try for
      a child.
      See in google–kumrao99 penance method

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      Ok thank you so much for your time and reply sir.

      What about the Husband chart analysis with respect to child birth?

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      jvsrao (KP Astrologer)JVS(KP astrologer)

      As per KP analysis the 5th cusp sub lord Moon is in Rahu star (Rahu is in Aries which is a barren sign and aspected by Mars) and sub of Venus in 7th (Venus is in the star of Rahu).
      This is the observation in the girl’s chart.
      As you are aware that barren signs will not give children.

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      jvsrao (KP Astrologer)JVS(KP astrologer)

      Madam Smitha
      As you have said marriage has taken place 7years ago, it means in Saturn dasa Mercury bhukti and Rahu antara which is 31-10-2010 to 27-03-2011. Please clarify the marriage date.
      As lagna fell in Aries 0◦39’52” Mars-Ketu-Ketu, I would like to crosscheck the date and confirm whether any correction is needed in time of birth.
      Jupiter, who is karaka for children, is aspecting the 5th cusp. 5th cusp sublord Moon is the owner and is occupying the 11th house. So child birth would be there.

      In the boy’s chart the 5th cusp sublord Saturn is Leo(a barren sign) in the star of Sun in 12th house in a watery sign cancer and sub of Mars (lord of 5th) who is in a barren sign Virgo. But Mars is in the star of Moon in Leo (a barren sign). All the indications gives no children.
      But a ray of hope is the stars of Saturn are unoccupied. Saturn is a full significator. Generally Saturn will not deny only delays the things. He only will give the results and will not allow other planets to give the results. So I hope there would be children in the later age.

      Studying these two I came to a conclusion that both will become parents after 2022 only.
      Good Luck
      JVS Rao (

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        Dear Sir,
        Thank you for your time and response.

        The marriage date is 28th October 2011
        Time of Marriage is 10.13 Am

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          sir, please consider the date of marriage and respond whether birth time correction is needed.
          Thank you

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      jvsrao (KP Astrologer)JVS (KP astrologer)

      I verified with the date of marriage and found correct. Hence I confirm that child birth would be in Saturn dasa – Jupiter bhukti which starts on 11-10-2022 and ends on 23-04-2025. Good Luck

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        Thank you so much sir.
        Till the birth of a child should we do any Japa of any particular god or planet please let us know.


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