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Lack of mental peace due to my son

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      Dear sir,

      My son was born on 15/6/2005 time is 8-35 pm night and place is Chennai.

      He has been creating havoc at home by being adamant in not going to school , back answering and torturing us by venturing outside walk/cycling in nights and creating lots of tension for us at home. Last six months had been hectic and we end up fighting /crying at home.

      He is extremely intelligent , does well in science and maths , but refuses to study other subjects. Iam unable to make him study . As he is going to 10 Th board in 2021 kindly let me know will his attitude change and will he be responsible child henceforth ..
      He is preparing for Iit . His relationship with mother is not smooth.
      Worried parent .please guide me .

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      His 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses are extremely good. What those houses signify is given in my blog which you may read Navagraha Astrology Online

      He is a hyper active child and this tendency will continue till Sep 2023. May be you can try putting him in a boarding school in Ootty or Yercaud.

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