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      I am learning astrology from my uncle. he told me that Jupiter has its aspect on 3,5,7,9th house from where it is sitting, but usually we have read that Jupiter aspects only 5,7,9 house from where it is sitting . I want to confirm that is 3rd house is also included in Jupiter’s aspects…??

      thanking in advance

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      Astrology is not for doubting Toms. You are learning Astrology from your Guru and learn it well without doubting your Guru. When you have learned everything from him and when you start practicing on your own you will get answers to all your doubts from your own experience and research.

      As a student of Astrology never distrust your teacher. This is a divine science and if you distrust your Guru, it is tantamount to negating God and his omnipresence.

      You can read my articles on this site and to get some secrets about Astrology.

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