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Legal issue and unemployed


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      I am stuck in a legal issue and lost job. Need some help and guidance
      Dob : 8th April 1971
      Tob : 2:17 am (night)
      Pob : kakinada, A.P

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      Someone please help me with answers

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      Hello Guest,

      Could you please elaborate how did you get stuck in a legal case? What is the case all about?

      Thank and Regards,

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        Souray Sir

        It is a legal problem where kids got into a fight playing outside and adults got involved.

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      Navneet Khanna

      You are passing through a period of Jupiter Mahadasha and antardasha of Saturn till August 2024. This is not a good period. You could face more problems during this period going forward. This period is also likely to bring you financial losses as Saturn is debilitated in your horoscope and presently in the second house of earning. Problems on the job front is indicated as Ketu is in the 10th house of profession. Problems with senior, colleagues is indicated.

      You should do the Bhaglamukhi mantra / path to come out this legal issues.

      Wear Emerald in SIlver on your right hand little finger

      Read Hanuman Chalisa daily


      Navneet Khanna

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      You are in the midst of 3rd and 12th lord (of Vyaya/Losses) Jupiter/Guru-dev Maha-Dasha since December 2019, as per Vimsottari Dasha system. He is Vakra/Retrograde and not really a benefic for the birth-chart. He is placed in the 11th house of Labha-Sthana and participates in Rashi Parivarthana with Badha-Karaka Mars/Kuja. Current Antara is that of Lagna Lord Saturn/Shani-dev, who is placed in his Neecha or debilitation sign in Mesha Rashi. To make matters worse, Moon/Chandra is uncomfortably placed in the Ashtama-Sthana, reflecting some weakness in your mind.

      Incidentally, current transit of Saturn/Shani-dev in the 2nd house of Kumbha Rashi and influence over 10th lord Venus/Shukra – not to mention Ketu’s transit in the 10th house of Karma-Sthana.

      Please consider seeking help and guidance from knowledgeable and experienced folk for suitable remedy.

      Take care…

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