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      DOB – 13/07/1995
      TOB – 04:13 pm
      POB – New Delhi
      Gender – Male

      My question is regarding my Kundli as a whole. I’ve been to an astrologer recently for my career related problem (Unemployment) and he told me that my Kundli is bad and that I will amount to nothing much in life and that I should be grateful that I have food to eat because of my family, else I would have been a criminal pauper and has warned me to stay alert as my family will also abandon me at some point of time in the future because of some Kemdrum Dosha in my Kundli. He also said that there is nothing I can do to change my fate and that I will have to live with it and endure it till the end.

      I am scared after listening all this and just want to know your expert opinion of my chart. Is all this true? If yes, is there really nothing that I can do?

      I hope that you answer.


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