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      Damira Arifullina

      I am looking for job abroad, particularly in Dubai, UAE. Still didn’t received valuable offer. The situation is i am thinking about one guy (sorry, will not disclose on public), he is living in Dubai and i secretly hope to meet with him again and this state of my mind don’t allow me totally focus on my career progression, because i am looking for job only in Dubai even though could be hired in another countries as well. MEanwhile i am in stagnation in personal life and work. Which path to follow – heart or brain- to fulfill my professional and personal dreams when i am getting job offer? Thank You

      Damira Arifullina (father’s name Rinat)
      19 october 1986
      Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
      currently living in Kazan, Russia

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      You have a strong horoscope and Mars is the best planet. Currently you have started Rahu Mahadasa and in Jupiter antardasa starting September 2019, you will mostly get what you desire in life and career.

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