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Mangal dosh


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      Hi Naveen sir,
      My DOB is 21 january 1992 born in jamshedpur. I came to know that i have mangal dosha. Is there any possibility that my mangal dosha gets cancelled. If not suggest some remedies. And i want to marry a boy who is not manglik. His DOB is 28 May 1992 born in visakhapatnam. Our parents talked to each other but there is no progress in marriage even after they agreed. Want to know whether delay in marriage is due to me being manglik. We know each other since 8 years and we want to get married. Sir please suggest some remedies and how our married life will be.

      Warm Regards.

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      Navneet Khanna

      You need to provide your Time of birth for checking Mangal dosha in your horoscope.


      Navneet Khanna

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      Thank you so much Navneet sir for responding to me.
      My dob is 21 jan 1992 born in jamshedpur at night 9 13.
      His dob is 28 may 1992 born on east godavari at 7 23 in the morning.

      Sir please check and provide some effective remedies. We really want to marry each other. We even took our parents approval . But i am scared of my dosha. I am thinking only about it everyday. I am even scared to marry him because of my mangal dosh though i want to marry him.
      Kindly suggest how to overcome my dosha.
      Sir , i want to know whether my planetary ill effects show upon him after marriage.

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