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Manglik Dosha if boy born on Tuesday?

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      vaibhav agarwal

      Please provide me any solution . It is important for my life. I have only some days . I heard that if a manglik boy born on Tuesday then effect of mangli ended in age of 28 What about in my case?

      Both families are ready if we got any solution. Both families can wait till my age 28 years . if it is right solution. We all are in problem please provide me solution.

      Boy Details :

      Date : 23-APR-1991
      Time : 22:16
      Place : Chandpur, Bijnore, U.P
      Gotra: Garg
      Blood Group : B+

      Girl Details :

      Date : 21-MAY-1991
      Time : 14:23
      Place : Moradabad, U.P
      Gotra: Garg
      Blood Group : B+

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      What you heard is absolute rubbish. You have a long life. Some wayside astrologer might have told you about it which please do not believe. Read to know the scope of astrology.

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      Navneet Khanna

      There is nothing of that sort that if you are born on Tuesdays, you are not manglik. Mangal or Mars is a very important planet in the horoscope as it is the planet of courage and initiative to do something in life. It also is the planet of war and aggression. Therefore if Mars is placed in a malefic house it can give bad results. Generally people without much insight into this , create a fear of Mars creating havoc in marital life. Mangal dosha is formed in 5 houses out of 12 houses that you have in a chart. Every house has it own significance. Therefore the mangal dosha of first house is different from mangal dosha forming in the 7th house or 8th house.


      Navneet Khanna

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