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Manglik Dosha Mars in 8th house

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      Anil Biswas

      Hi Sir ! I’m Anil Biswas from West Bengal. I love a girl very much, we are in a relationship since 5 years. Last week she got to know that she is Mangalik on the 8th House. Please let us know that if my and her horoscopes match and we will be able to marry each other. Please also let us know if there is any remedies.

      Name of Boy : Anil
      D.O.B : 29/07/1992
      Time: 18:30
      Place : Calcutta, West Bengal

      Name of Girl : Anjalee
      D.O.B : 04/09/1995
      Time: 20:00
      Place : Midnapur, West Bengal

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      You have to come through paid services for matching horoscopes. You can contact me at Also read in the chronological order.

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