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    heetali mehta

    Name – Heetali Mehta
    Born date – 21st oct 1992
    time – 12:40AM on 20th night
    Am i manglik? will it affect my marriage life later?

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    There is a very slight manglik position and if horoscopes are matched properly, there will be no problem in marital life. Read my article “Marriage Failures – How astrology can help” on this web site or on

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    Heetali Mehta

    Thank you for your reply jyotish jee…
    just wanted to know will I marry in india or abroad?

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    An astrologer told me that I am manglik but my marriage so far was good. I have been married for more than 20 years. But now someone has predicted a bad phase for my marriage as according to that person, my husband is involved with another girl. I still am in doubt. My DOB is 26 oct 1966. Birth place jhang Pakistan. Time around 12 noon. Is this true? I asked earlier as well but didn’t get an answer. Please reply as I am worried.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Hi A.H,

    Fist of all there is so much wrong information related to Manglik and Mangal dosha around. You can read my article on Mangal dosha for more clarity

    Mangal dosha How to check Manglik in horoscope

    Kindly note that generally Mangal in different houses have different meaning. Mangal in 1 house will give different results from mars being in 7th house or 8th house or 12th house. All form Manglik dosha.

    It is wrong to measure everything with the same yardstick. Also there are lot of exceptions under which Mangal dosha gets cancelled. Like when it is in its own Rashi that is Aries or Scorpio. Or when Mars is exalted that is in Capricorn and many more conditions.

    I will also like to say that if you have a good marriage do not destroy your marriage on condition of someone telling you something about your husband without any concrete proof.



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    heetali mehta

    Could i know, if i have more chances to marry abroad or india?

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    heetali mehta

    Could i know, if i have more chances to marry in india or outside?

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    The question is irrelevant. What happens if you marry someone in India and then he goes abroad and settle down there? Or you go abroad and marry someone and come back to India and settle down here. You are imagining things. I do not understand how marriage is connected with where it is going to be conducted. We are astrologers and are not clairvoyants. We follow a science and nowhere a question like the one you asked is answered.

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    Vikas Kumar

    Hello Sir,

    My question is, As per computerised kundli I have high manglik dosh. But some astrologers says , its been canceled by another Grah or its low manglik dosh. Can you please confirm , Am I really Manglik ?

    My Details,
    Name – Vikas Kumar
    Sex – Male
    DOB & Time – 02 Nov 1987 , 6:04 AM
    Birth Place : Dhampur (UP) India

    Vikas K

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    In fact Manglik dosha is a myth. However you do not have one since Jupiter aspects Mars which itself has little strength. Do read Myths in Astrology on this site or on which will enlighten you.

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    Vikas Kumar

    Thank you so much Sir for better clarification. You are genius. 🙂

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