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    Dear Astrologers,
    My DOB 23 Aug 1985
    Place: Bangalore
    Time 10:20 am

    I have everything in life except marriage. I pray to God every day and God gives me any thing I ask him but he doesn’t bless me with marriage.
    Please advise any remedies. Although Jupiter aspects Venus (karaka for marriage) and Mars (7th lord) and Jupiter is debiliated and retrograde, has neecha banga raja yoga. I’m still single.

    Any suggestions will be helpful.

    Thank you,

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    You have 3 planets in Debilitation and Jupiter((0.71) is having near zero strength. Your 2nd house is very weak and marital house has just 40% strength. Perhaps you may have to wait till Venus Dasa starts in 2025 for marriage to fructify. An earnest application to God will be definitely be heard in your favour.

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      Thanks, but isn’t Jupiter strong since his dispositor is exalted in kendra from lagna. Also, Jupiter deb and retrograde behaves as exalted. Not sure how Jupiter is weak. Yes, he is deb but that is not the overall picture.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS (KP astrologer)

    Mr. Balasubramaniyan,
    Jupiter is in 4th house. Saturn and Venus are in the stars of Jupiter(lord of 3rd and 6th houses). Then Jupiter has to give his star lord Moon significations. Moon is in 1st house.
    Ketu is in the star of Rahu, who is in the 7th house. So Ketu is the significator of marriage matters. Sun is the lord of 11th house and applying to 11th. Sun is in trine aspect to 7th house.Hence he is the full significator of 7th & 11th houses.
    Your current dasa is of Ketu and bhukti is of Sun. I hope the matter will move in this period but will take some time for marriage till 2nd half of next year, as the transit is not cooperating now.
    Note: Jupiter is a benefic by nature. But it is in the star of Moon in 2nd house and sub of Saturn in 1st house. That Saturn is in the star of Jupiter who is in 4th. 4th house always gives the static position. Hence Jupiter is not useful for marriage.
    Good Luck

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