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      Hi, I wanted to know when will my marriage happen and how good is this boy’s matching with me. We have been in an on again and off again relationship since 2019.

      My Details:

      Birthday: 28th May, 1991

      Birth time: 02:50 pm

      Birth Place: Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat, India.

      Boy’s Details

      Birthday: 30th April, 1987

      Birth Time: 7:58 am

      Birth Place: Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat, India.

      The boy is currently living in the US.

      Thank you.

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      Navneet Khanna

      The Boy has strong mangal dosha, where as the girl is not mangalik. The Guna milan is average with 22.5 out of 36. There is weak Grahmaitri score and Gana score. You should do Grah milan that is matching of the planets to see if the marriage should be considered.


      Navneet Khanna

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      In Your chart there is two Marriage yog. In your chart Love Marriage is promised.
      yours is late Marriage yog (36 years +)

      Lot of astrologers suggest to do a Marriage to a tree first and do the actual Marriage to avoid the 2nd Marriage.

      I don’t take this. I always believe what there in chart has to happen how smart you are.

      But you can consider this as there is no harm in doing this.

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