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      Are there chances of love marriage in my horoscope.and will i get rid of anxiety.  And feel that lifecan be beautiful.

      u20 july 1994 6:52pm delhi

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      Life is based on how we give and see the world. Based on your chart I can see that you lack emotions and feelings towards others. Your focus is on doing your profession nicely and doing your duties nicely.

      You love your work and since you are not loving people, people will also not love you back. They will deal with you professionally only. They think you are selfish.

      Anxiety is because, you do your duties nicely and expect that others reciprocate the same towards you. Expectations bring lot of anxiety. Love is always selfless. Keep serving others without expectations.

      Your married life will not be smooth. Please be prepared for it. It will be delayed and there will be lot of anxiety before and after marriage. Get married only to serve and make others happy. Any other expectation will make you more worried. Your wife will be from a rich high class family but with a lot of pride. You are also a very independant minded person. This will result in clashes.

      Please give up ego and surrender.

      You will go to foreign countries and settle down there.




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      Is there anything positive? Kindly guide.


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