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Marriage between a mangalik and non mangalik

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      My name is Darshanie. I was born on 10 – 06-81. In New york at 2 pm. I know that I am manglik. I wanted to find out about my partner. If he is a non manlik would it still work? Can a Marriage between a mangalik and non mangalik work without any problems.

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      Read my blog article “Myths and misconceptions in Astrology”

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Sometimes there will slight manglik dosha,and Sukra
      will be well placed.Then you need not consider that
      slight manglik dosha.
      What is your lagna?
      My software shows that your lagna is Vrishabha(Taurus).
      Lagna contains Sun and Kuja.
      Sukra and Budha are in third house.
      Sixth house–Moon,Sani,Guru.
      It shows that your manglik dosha is not small.
      But Sukra is sufficiently strong,as Sukra is his friend.
      Manglik dosha is under control to a large extent.
      From moon,sukra is very strong.
      What are the birth particulars of your partner?
      You can do penance on Lakshmi Goddess for one year,to
      remove that small manglik dosha.
      Lakshmi Sahasra nama contains 1000 names of Lakshmi Goddess.
      One name is -Aparnayai namah..It means that she did penance for
      some years without eating even leaves.She did this to
      improve positivity in her body.
      Durga Sahasra nama also contains such a nama(name).
      In ancient days,sages used to do penance for years by eating only
      leaves.After few years,they will do penance without eating even leaves.
      Such sages attain Godhood.
      So,if a person wants to remove poverty (or sins),he has to do penance
      by eating only leaves for one day in a week,for minimum one year.
      A person can eat tulasi,betel leaves(pan leaves),pudina leaves,
      dhaniya leaves,methi or all of them combined.


      1.Tulasi(telugu),tulsi(hindi),holy basil(englih),Ocimum(latin)
      A person can eat daily 20 leaves or make juice.Dont filter it.
      It is useful for lung diseases,all types of infections and fevers.
      Religious books say it is loved by HIndu God Vishnu.
      Its paste can be used for rubbing externally,when there is
      itching on skin or scalp.It is also used for scabies or other
      skin disease.It got spiritual significance.Removes sins.
      It is a sacred plant and Hindus daily offer prayers to it.
      The practice of chewing these leaves existed even centuries age.

      2.Bilva (Sanskrit),Maredu(telugu),bel patra(hindi)-daily 3 leaves.
      The leaf is hard.Difficult to eat.At least one leaf can be taken.
      Lord Siva loves this leaf.It got secret spiritual significance.
      It is also sacred.Because of its strong fibre,it removes
      constipation and peptic ulcers.It works against diabetes.
      3.Betel leaves.

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      jvsrao (KP Astrologer)JVS Rao (KP Astrologer)

      Please let us know the time given by you as 2pm is inclusive of Day light saving or not. Date is 10th June 1981. Pls confirm.
      As per 2PM (inclusive of DST), your lagna is Virgo (from around 14th June every year Sun rises in Vrishabha and lagna changes for every (approx) 2 hours from rising sign Vrishabha). The time elapsed from sunrise is 8 hours. So your lagna falls in Virgo.
      Mars is in Vrishabha 8th house (but in 9th sign) from lagna and Moon. But it is in 12th house and rasi from Venus. As per the rule if Mars is placed in either 1st, 2nd, 4th,7th, 8th or 12th house it is said to be evil. But there are an exception to this. Mars being in enemy camp dosha is mitigated. Jupiter is in exact aspect to Mars.
      Regarding delay of marriage: 7th lord is Jupiter in 12th house. It is conjoined with 5th and 6th lord Saturn and also with 11th lord Moon. From your birth the dasa of Moon, Mars and Rahu are not supportive to marriage. Again Saturn conjunction with Moon is also not good. Saturn will not allow other planet to give the result.
      Present period : 7th lord Jupiter period is on. Saturn sub period is upto 13-04-2020. In this period when the transits of planets co-operate the event takes place. I hope you will enjoy the event within 6 to 8 months, as Jupiter and Saturn are transiting in the desirable positions.
      Good Luck.

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