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Marriage compatibility

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      Boy : 16-03-1994, 1:58am, Tiptur Karnataka

      Girl : 28-sep-1996 7:35 pm turuvekere Karnataka

      How is the marriage compatibility sir? What about nadi dosha? Manglik? Longevity?
      Please answer sir

      Some astrologer said.. same nadi create issue in getting child.. anything like progeny issue sir? How beautiful our life will be?

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      Navneet Khanna

      Yes there is Nadi dosha coming in your horoscope matching, which is not good. Mangal issue I think I have already explained to you that it gets cancel as Sun is in the 4th house of boys horoscope where Mars is in the girls horoscope, where by removing the malefic effects of Mangalik dosha. ALso girls Mars is debilitated, which makes it weak. Kindly note that Guna Milan which you are doing right now is just calculated from the moon and birth nakshatra. Horoscope has 9 planets which also play a very significant role in deciding marital happiness. As this is a little elaborate procedure, most astrologers avoid doing it as it takes a lot of time. I suggest you kindly look at the Grah Milan which is matching of the planets and take a decision. Grah Milan is the most genuine method which indicates where your relationship will gain or suffer.

      If you want I should help you with doing the Graha Milan.

      You can read more about Graha Milan from the link below.

      Guna Milan and Graha Milan for Marriage | Marriage Matching


      Navneet Khanna

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