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marriage dates

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      Sir ,
      How to decide marriage dates when girl date of birth is not known. Name is not based on rashi .
      How can we decide date of marriage on the names which is not from rashi . can we change name of bride and groom to change the marriage dates ?

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      Navneet Khanna

      Marriage date should be taken in reference of Rashi, however in absence of horoscope you can look at look at auspicious days like Akshay Tritiya. This is a very auspicious day and marriage can be solemnized.


      Navneet Khanna

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      Thank You sir
      In many villages where no one remembers birth date and people never celebrate birth of girl .so they dont go to pandit to know rashi of girl .
      At the time of marriage pandit uses name of girl to find the rashi and muhurt for marriage .
      Is it justified to use rashi which is just based on name which is given by parents without taking into account of position of moon at the time of birth (or without considering the rashi)?
      If I ask such significance of this logic from any pandit they just call that u r not pandit .
      Plzz suggest the logic behind the practice .

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      I also want to know about muhurat for marriage .As per my basic knowledge ,at the time of marriage, the strength of Sun, Moon and Jupiter is analysed in the kundalis of the bride and groom .This is done by calculating the position of these planets in the sign in which they are at the time of marriage from the birth sign.
      if Sun is in the fourth, eighth or twelfth sign from the birth sign at the time of marriage, the period is said to be inauspicious. Marriage should be delayed or postponed in such a situation.
      I know only brief about it .
      I just want to know that how to find position of sun Jupiter and moon at the time of marriage .

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