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Marriage Issue

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      Senthil Kumaran

      I am currently going through seperation and want to know if the marriage will break or any chances of getting back together

      Female details

      DOB :  25th June 1993 Time : 06.59 PM

      Place : Erode Tamilnadu


      Male Details

      DOB : 5th September 1988 Time : 10.08 AM

      Place : Erode Tamilnadu

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      To me, it looks like you guys married a little late… in other words, it’s not been too long since you guys got married. There seems to be some anger/temper and ego issues… not to mention the possibility of incompatibility (more so probably between your wife and in-laws). And, you guys might not be living together… if true, I’m not sure what you mean by “currently going through separation”.

      Just so you are aware, you are in the midst of Yogakaraka Saturn/Shani-dev’s Maha-Dasha and she seems to have recently concluded her Mars/Kuja Maha-Dasha (both are influenced by Ketu, who carries a notorious reputation) and just started her Rahu Maha-Dasha (as per Vimsottari Dasha System). In other words, there seems to be a strong foot-print and influence of Lunar Nodes… along with Ashtama-Shani or Saturn/Shani-dev’s transit across 8th house from natal placement of Moon/Chandra (you got done with it a few months back and your wife will start a few months later).

      It would perhaps make sense for you to consider offering special prayers on a regular/daily basis to Lord Ganesha with unwavering faith, bhakti/devotion and a strong sankalpa. It would also make sense for your wife to consider propitiating Rahu – else the roller-coaster ride may not be pleasant.

      Take care…


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