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    Lagna Kundali:

    1st House – Blank
    2nd House – Ketu (26,6)
    3rd House – Mangal (17,12)
    4th House – Blank
    5th House – Blank
    6th House – Guru (21,4)
    7th House – Blank
    8th House – Rahu (26,12), Lagna(25,12), -Pluto (21,4)
    9th House – Neptune (25,8), Harshal (25,8)
    10th House – Shani (25,5), -Surya(12,1), ¶Budh(13,2)
    11th House – Shukra (29,3), Chandra (17,12)
    12th House – Blank

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    Please post your date, time and place of birth and current place of residence. Only wayside astrologers can predict using the above information. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online for more details.

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    DOB: 26/1/1993
    TOB: 04:05 AM
    POB: Mumbai ( 18,57 N – 72,49 E )
    Current Place: Ahnedabad, Gujarat

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    Your marital life will be quite a happy one starting end 2019. Regarding financial situation, you will have quite some problems. 2nd, 4th and 10th houses are the weakest and you will have problems with their significations, details of which are available in my blog Navagraha Astrology Online

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    Thank you. I am yet to get married. When my marriage will happen?

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    By Looking at your chart it seems that your father and uncles jointly have factory/ Business. Your uncle is no more. You are also involved in this business.
    Your Finance position should be good.
    Presently the Marriage yog is there for you.
    You should show your and fiance chart to astrologer before getting Married.

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    Mahesh dev

    Dear sir ji pranam!
    Meri dob hai – 12/11/1971 Timr 3:30 Am place Biswan. Sitapurr, up living place – Lucknow
    mei wie ka Name hai – Alka -12/11/1977,Timr 10:00 pm Am place Allahabad., up living place – Lucknow

    My incial Condation is vey bad since 2015 and both of helth is also verry bad. No way is earning sorsue
    After marrage 14 years no child.
    kindy gide me what is going onw.sometime i feel now no more in life


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    I think a scientific matching of horoscopes between your and wife’s horoscope is needed to give you an answer to your question. Please go through my blog Navagraha Astrology Online and come through Paid Consultation

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