Marriage of son

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      My son undergoing divorce

      when will he get married again ?
      his details


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      new delhi

      pls help as im very worried


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      Marriage is the first union of body and mind between a male and female and once married, he/she remains married. There is nothing like second, third marriage etc. It is not like breakfast, lunch or dinner which will be of different nature on a daily basis.

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        Please let me know when he will married again

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      Polygamy and multiple married partners is common not only now but in the past also. Now we divorce to get another marriage but in the past they could have multiple wife’s or husbands. In the past people could give up their wifes to take sanyas or if the wife is not chaste she can be given up. Same thing if the Husband is not doing his dharma of maintaining his wife and children , women would go back to their father ( though this is less common).

      Your Son has indications of multiple marriages. He can get married after 2026 August.

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