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Marriage Problem

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      My husband is adamant for a divorce..We are currently separated since Oct tried to resolve things but he is completely adamant and listening to my father in law the personal reasons given by him are very silly major reason is my bond with in laws is not strong and they didn’t stay with us in August and stayed in rental and are very angry about that. I have asked for forgiveness and I deeply realise my mistake and want to adjust but they don’t agree. I feel my husband has been brainwashed. Can our marriage be saved? does he have a second marriage yog?

      Till when is our separation period? Can this situation be resolve by any chance? Any prayers I can do to solve my issue? I’m doing chamunda mantra listening to Hanuman Chalisa and Sankat Mochan daily..Sai Baba fast completed 8 have vowed for 11.. also started wearing sphastik mala since 15 feb any benefit of that?

      Rohit Marwah
      13th feb 1985
      07.35 am
      Gurdaspur , Punjab

      Richa Chopra
      4th dec 1985
      New Delhi

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      While your husband horoscope has all the planets sandwiched between Rahu and Kethu which is not good, your horoscope has a Pravarjya yoga ( 4 planets in 8th house) which mars a happy married life. You should have checked all these before marriage. Now that you have problems in married life, the only way to overcome that is to shift your residence to somewhere far away when perhaps you will be able to live together happily.

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      Mousumi paul

      Actually i m single, want to marry someone whom i love. But so many problems are there happening between our family. So i m giving our janam details. Can u please check our kundali. Please help me.
      Me- Name Mousumi paul
      DOB- 16th june 1992
      Time-4:15 am
      Place-Silchar assam (northeast)
      His details
      Name- Shantanu paul
      DOB- 24th august 1985
      Time- 4:07 pm
      Place- Silchar assam (northeast)

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