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Marriage problem

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      I am Manvitha (DOB: 30-04-1997, 3:50 AM at Station Ghanpur Jangoan, Telangana) and my Husband (30-06-1996, 3:00 AM, Reddypalem, Wardhanapet, Warangal). We got married on 09-08-2020.
      Ever since our marriage I have been staying at my in-laws place along with my Father in-laws father due to current work from home (I am a software Engineer). Due to the family business many workers come to our place every day. My Parents in law and the grandparent keep shouting at me and speak ill about me in front of the workers. They mentally harass me. I told this to my husband multiple times, but he never responded to any of this.
      I had reached my limit and told everything to my parents (I am the only child), when they heard everything they came and asked my husbands family about this which led to a huge fight. My husband said that he will never take my side when something happens and will always choose his parents over me. Even the divorce topic came up.
      My question is will our marriage be a strong one and survive or will it break?

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      Navneet Khanna

      As per your birth chart we see that your lagan is Meena, Makkar Rashi which means your Shani sade satti is going on. You are presently in the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasaha of Mercury. Rahu presently aspects the 7th house. You will enter the Rahu mahadasha and antardasha of Ketu in March 2022. This period is certainly not good on the relationship front.  There are challenges in front of you on the marriage front. I suggest that you should do Rahu remedies for bringing some respite on this front.


      Navneet Khanna


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      When will have child?
      Dob: 13/12/1989, time – 7:10 am, Chandrapur Maharashtra

      Husband details: dob 14/08/1986,time- 10:30 am, Nagpur, Maharashtra

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      Dear Astro gurus,

      My birth details are as follows : 14 June 1977, 0210 AM, Tiruchirappalli.

      I am giving my husband details also 09 Dec 1975, 2020hrs, Pondicherry.

      After my marriage in 2007, started period of stress and agony unexplicable. Neither i am able to live my life (lot of humilations, accusations all the time. He never bother about me or kids) nor i am able to progress on career side. I dont understand why my suffering has heightened so much. Really i have lost all hope on my life. I am sure you would be able to understand from horoscope.

      Please guide me on following :

      1. Will my huband ever will take care of my kids ? He never bothers about the kids. He dont even speak to me or kids. The only person he speaks is with his sister and Only does what she says.  He keeps telling us to leave him. Whats the future of the kids?

      2. when will i get over this stress period ?

      3. i am looking for a better job, will i get it, if so when ?

      Any remedies to be done. Please guide.

      I have visited lot of temples, done lot of remedies, dont know what to do. Looking for your guidance and advise very desperately.

      Thank you in advance for your reply.

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