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marriage problem /settlement abroad

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      can u plzz tell me
      1:does my chart indicate settlement in foreign country (or i will have life partner from foreign land who comes and marry me and ill go with him )
      2: if it is possible to predict.
      3:plzz tell me when will i get chance to go abroad and settle there
      4::when will i get married …do i have a love marriage or an arranged

      sorry if i ask so many questions but i dont dont know y things is not in my favour as… everyone told me that with the commence of Venus antar dasa things will be good but I stand worse than before as of today.I am 31 years old. I have been in a long distance relationship with my bf for the past 10 yrs.He lives in London … can u plzz tell me country name which is good for me …

      my details
      date of birth:10th july 1982
      place of birth :karachi pakistan
      time of birth:23:30

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      Navneet Khanna

      Dear Mishab,

      Moon in the 12th house of your lagan kundli indicates your strong desire to settle overseas. Saturn in the 7th house of marriage is likely to delay marriage. You entered the Venus antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha in May 2013. Venus is first of all a 8th house lord makigg it a functional malific and also forming a 2-12 relationship with Mercury which is the lord of 7th house of marriage and married life. Mercury is the intellect and Venus is love and relationship, it is quite likely that the present relationship would not satisfy your desired and you should move ahead. Waiting endlessly will only result in your marriage yoga finishing.

      There is no doubt that yours is a foreign linked horoscope and you would be travelling many times overseas, however settlement seems to be difficult. Mars in the 7th house makes you mangalik, therefore you need to match your horoscope before you go for marriage.


      Navneet Khanna

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      jageshwor atreya

      dear guruji namskar
      i was born in 1985/08/27 at 23:23 place is from :
      pokhara,nepal i would like to ask you regarding abroad settlement in my chart is their any possibilities for south korea

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      Thank u Navneet khanna Ji ….

      Sir kiya koi hope nahi hai pasand ki shaadi ki …. :(2003 se hoon iss relationship main ….bouhat prayer ki hain k jab meri shady ka time ayega tab sab thik hojaye ga lakin venus ki antar dasha achi nahi jaraha hai meri satrun main ulta or problems berh gaye hain relationships main :(…

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      aamir raja

      dear sir
      My date of birth is 15 dec. 1979 time of birth is 8:15 am place of birth rawalapindi Pakistan.

      1) any possibility of foreign settlemen?
      2) when financial problems will solve?
      plz do reply plz plz

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      Navneet Khanna

      Dear Shri Aamir Ji,

      Chances of foreign travel are very much there, but settlement will not be easy. Saturn in the 10th house of your natal chart indicates that you will make money but slowly and after lot of hard work, you will not be lucky overnight and hit a jackpot although you want it that way as 6th lord is in the lagana, but as Saturn is positioned in the 10th house, you will see slow but sure gains in your career. It means that you will climb the ladder of growth gradually. slowly but surely. You are presently in the second dhayya of Saturns Sade Sati . This period usually can be very destructive in ones life and leads to financial losses and health issues. You still have approx 3 and half years of Sadesatti period remaining. Doing the remedies will surely bring you gains.

      1. Donate Kali Dal every Saturdays to a needy person.

      God Bless,

      Navneet Khanna

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      aamir raja

      Thank you so much sir much appreciated.

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