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marriage time prediction

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    Dear astrologer
    Please predict my marriage time:
    My details Are given below:
    d.o.b- 31-07-1984
    t.o.b- 10:50pm
    p.o.b- jalpaiguri, west bengal

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    There is a strong possibility of your getting married in the first quarter of 2015.

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      naheed haq

      Hi ! Please let me know when will I get married. My date of birth is 20 January 1972. Even at the age of 42 I am still not married.

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    naheed haq

    Hi ! Please let me know when will I get married. My date of birth is 20 January 1972. Even at the age of 42 I am still not married.Time 8:45 AM
    Place: Village Jorrow, District Swabi, KPK Pakistan

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    From 2003 till 2020, you are running Mercury’s period and your Mercury in the horoscope is totally impotent. Look at the strengths of planets.

    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 80.72 27.57 54.51 Malefic
    Moon 34.97 40.12 41.20 Malefic
    Mars 30.55 58.57 25.84 Benefic
    Mercury 3.83 33.17 54.77 Malefic
    Jupiter 98.69 17.75 61.97 Malefic
    Venus 46.49 55.00 30.52 Benefic
    Saturn 77.33 24.93 48.19 Malefic
    Rahu 40.43 24.93 48.19 Malefic
    Kethu 40.43 40.12 41.20 Malefic

    Net 50.38

    May be after 2020, there could be a change in your marital status. Are you sure that your time of birth is correct?

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      naheed haq

      yes it’s correct as my father told me. Then I shouldn’t get will be too late in 2020. Leave it then

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    Rinki singh

    Respected guruji , my name is rinki , birth details r 26/04/1987. 4:15 am, place – mumbai. Want to knw about ma marriage, wen will i get married n how will b ma maried life. Plz sir let m knw as soon as possible

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    Your marriage could take place any time starting August 2014 within a year at best. I would bet on February 2015. Let us see. However your marital bliss is only 40% potent.

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      Rinki singh

      Any divorce or sepration chances..

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    Do not go that far. First get married and then let us see. If the horoscopes match well, there will be no problem. Read my articles on this site or on

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      Rinki singh

      K, thnk u guruji.

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    Hello sir. My DOB is 14th feb 1979. Time 7:40 pm and place Lahore Pakistan. I asked u once earlier about my chances of choice marriage or arranged one. Can u pls predict my marriage time? And how would it be?

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    Please also give your gender too when you are asking for evaluations.

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    I am a woman.

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    You will get married before Aug 2015. Your marital happiness is 61.14% which is first class. I am still wondering why with such a good strength for your marital house, you are still unmarried. Do read my articles “Definitions in Astrology” and give me your answer. This is just for research purposes.

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    I read the article but Don’t know why is it so in my case. Only u could tell. I am in a relationship but will it turn into a marriage (by societal definitions) that I don’t know. Can u predict sir?

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    Naresh kalra

    Guruji, my name is naresh kalra . Birth details are
    d.o.b. 24/10/1982
    T.o.b. 9:05 am

    I Want to know sec. Marriage chance for me i got divorce from previous one n now i m facing finincial crises also , wen it will b improve plz tell m .

    Regards, naresh.

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    Dear A.H,

    Let us wait till Aug 2015 and see whether the marriage take place. We will investigate if further then. Possibly your time of birth could be inaccurate.

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    Dear Naresh,

    If you are once married, your marriage has taken place. As per Astrology you are a married man. Going in for a second marriage is nothing new as far as marriage is concerned. The reason why you are led to a second one is because you were incapable of keeping one possibly due to incompatibility with the spouse which you should have checked before marriage. Astrology can only see marriage as the first time it happens which has already happened. Wayside astrologers might predict you will have second/third marriages for their own livelihood. Do read my articles on “Definitions in Astrology” on

    Generally your horoscope is a weak one. Your 1st, 3rd, 4th, 9th and 12th houses are very weak. Marital house has a minimal strength. A second marriage is not going to bring you any more happiness. Your financial condition will improve in due course since your 2nd and 11th house which represents finances are not that weak and it only is undergoing some fluctuations.

    Once you read all my articles, you will get a better picture on how astrology can help you.

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    Hello Sir,
    PFB my birth details:
    Date of Birth: 05.03.1987
    Time of Birth : 07:40pm
    Place of birth: Delhi

    Kindly let me know when would I be probably getting married. Iam in a great dilemma and tension.

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    You are likely to get married before Jan 2016 and that too with a person who is very familiar to you. A bit of a delay in getting married should not cause you so much of dilemma or depression. Marriage is a not a bed of roses to be coveted for so eagerly. I presume you have other reasons for your dilemma and tension. Take life with a smile. Your life is an assignment from God and He will guide you always in doing what He intends to make you do. Read my articles on and you will get a good insight into life as a whole.

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    Vikas Kumar


    Please help to know about my marriage time prediction.

    Name – Vikas Kumar
    DOB & Time – 02 Nov 1987 , 6:04 AM
    Birth Place : Dhampur (UP) India

    Vikas Kumar

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    We can answer only one question free. For supplementary questions, you have to come through premium services as we have to recalculate all what we had done earlier once over again.

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    Suz Perera

    Dear Sir,
    my details are as follows, can you please predict when i will get married,
    Name – Suzanne Perera
    DOB – 25th April 1987
    Time of birth – 20:01
    Location – Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Await your kind reply
    Thank you so much sir

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    You have a wonderful lucky horoscope and your Career will rise to its pinnacle. However you will get married only in or around 2018. You will be spiritually well inclined. Can u let us know what is your present line of career. Read my articles on

    You have a fairly potent Venus which will make you one who will entertain people around you. Your Venus periods starts in 2018.

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    Dob 17/12/1987
    Time 22:10..
    Place new delhi india ..
    male .
    sur plz predict hw wuld be my wife nd married life love or arrange ..
    ..any upay plz

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    Around July 2015 to Sept 2015, you can expect marriage. Your marital house 7th, 4th house mental happiness and 9th house of Luck are the weakest in your horoscope. There are no workable upays except praying to God daily to give you all these with total dedication. Your Mars and Saturn are not very potent.

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    Thank you soo much for the reply 🙂 …
    If its god wish so be it 🙂

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    Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for your kind reply

    Im currently working for a family business in the management.

    Some people said marriage will happen after 2014 december and some said in 2017-2018 (horoscope readers from Sri Lanka told )

    I just wanted to get your opinion as well….thanks a lot….i will contact you later to get paid readings for other family members as well…

    thanks again…

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    Hello Guruji,
    My DOB 3/05/1981
    Time 5.20 AM
    Place Tamluk , west Bengal
    every time some problem crops up in my marriage so got cancelled . Am I ever going to get married ?

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    You have a too powerful horoscope with a net strength of 71%. Marital house has 61% strength. This is a case of delayed marriage due to the nature of the planets and their influences.

    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 78.67 83.47 5.75 Benefic
    Moon 34.75 27.97 36.00 Malefic
    Mars 33.93 74.03 11.03 Benefic
    Mercury 79.55 22.48 68.27 Malefic
    Jupiter 4.57 72.25 26.37 Benefic
    Venus 76.89 28.53 31.27 Malefic
    Saturn 21.45 78.10 16.86 Benefic
    Rahu 33.27 27.97 36.00 Malefic
    Kethu 33.27 78.10 16.86 Benefic

    Moon, Mars, Rahu, are malefic planets and Jupiter the planet which should have given marriage is rather weak with a 4.57 residential strength and that is why the touch and go situations in initiating married life.

    The present periods are as given below.

    Vimsottari Dasa:

    Moon MD: 2013-05-07 – 2023-05-07

    Antardasas in this MD:

    Moon: 2013-05-07 – 2014-03-07
    Mars: 2014-03-07 – 2014-10-06
    Rah: 2014-10-06 – 2016-04-06
    Jup: 2016-04-06 – 2017-08-06
    Sat: 2017-08-06 – 2019-03-08
    Merc: 2019-03-08 – 2020-08-06
    Ket: 2020-08-06 – 2021-03-07
    Ven: 2021-03-07 – 2022-11-06
    Sun: 2022-11-06 – 2023-05-07

    Only Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury could initiate marriage in your horoscope and the nearest time for possible marriage is Jupiter sub period which starts in April 2016. Even there Jupiter though a benefic is with a weak residential strength. Let us wait till then and see how it develops. Recite Narayanakavacha daily 3 times as a possible remedy.

    I have written so much only because your horoscope is very powerful but for the marital bliss which has also a very good potency. I wonder why marriage does not get manifested.

    Read my definition of Marriage in “Definitions in Astrology” on my blog

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    Thank you Guruji for taking time to write this detailed reply .2016 would be too late ! I have already left the idea but was
    curious to know it.My last attempt at it was so heart breaking !my longtime friend gave me marriage proposal and everything
    was going fine. Suddenly his brother feel that our mentality might not match !In 10 minutes he understood me and draws the curtain.
    So we become friend again ! what an irony of fate !I get obstacle in every aspect of my life.
    kind regards,

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    Hello Guruji will you please take a look at this
    DOB 26/10/1984
    Time 2.10 PM
    place Kolkata
    She also get lots of trouble in every aspect of life specially in marriage. Astro tells that she has Kal sarpo dosh even if she gets married it wont be a happy one . She might get divorced . is marriage on card ?


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    Please come through premium/Paid services for a scientific evaluation of the horoscope with all the details.

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    Please let me know for this which service I need to take

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    I have taken the premium service for scientific evaluation of the horoscope

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    You have to order for Scientific Evaluation of Horoscope using

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    Already ordered it

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    I have already sent the Scientific Evaluation of your horoscope by email.

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    Dob 30/07/1987
    Time 14:20.
    Place Bangalore, India
    Female .

    Please Let me know around what time will I get married

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    Dear Parvi,

    You are more of a career woman than a home maker. Your marital happiness is not very strong with only an average 34% strength which can sometimes go down to 22.78%. So beware of matrimony and go ahead with marriage if and only if you get an excellent matching horoscope.

    While there is a feeble chance of getting married before end 2015, a fruitful marriage may take place only in 2019 to 2023 period.

    For full details come through Paid services after reading my articles on

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    I want to know that when I will get married
    my dob : 02 december 1988
    time of birth: between 4PM to 4:15PM
    Place of birth: bahawalpur, pakistan

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    Since you are not sure of your birth time, nothing can be said for definite. However you are likely to get married in the last quarter of 2015.

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      Respected Sir,

      May I know the age or likely time at which I may get married?
      Dob 5-12-88
      Time 21:15
      Place: Dharwad, Karnataka
      Thank you

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    Your net mean strength of the horoscope is only 38.64% and your marital house has a mean strength of 41% and therefore you cannot expect a highly successful marriage. Your planetary dispositions are :
    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 5.80 14.47 85.53 Malefic
    Moon 87.53 18.13 52.09 Malefic
    Mars 42.62 46.73 32.57 Benefic
    Mercury 10.04 27.07 58.11 Malefic
    Jupiter 98.39 78.33 15.85 Benefic
    Venus 2.37 20.02 66.82 Malefic
    Saturn 80.67 26.77 36.02 Malefic
    Rahu 36.21 26.77 36.02 Malefic
    Kethu 36.21 14.47 85.53 Malefic

    Net 44.42

    Sun, Mercury and Venus are highly malefic with a poor residential strength. Currently you are running Venus sub period in Juptier’s main period which is not very helpful in getting married. Thereafter Sun’s sub period is also not very good. So you can expect to get married by about end of 2016.

    You can read my blog to get a better insight into astrology.

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    My Name is Kishore

    My DOB is july 6th 1986
    Time of Birth : 5:05 AM
    Place of Birth : Rajahmundry, Andhrapradesh

    I got Married on august 21st August 2013

    But After getting married i had faced lot of issues which are leading to divorce

    My enquiry is will i ever get married again

    if it is gonna happen please let me know is it with the person i like or not

    Thanks in Advance for your Help

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    Navneet Khanna

    marital problems are much indicated in your horoscope very strongly. Sun aspects the 7th house , Mars in the 7th house is not good. Venus the karka for marriage and marital comfort is in a inimical distance. Marital happiness is not promised from your horoscope. The only change of reasonable married life is after matching of the proper horoscopes between you and the girl. If the matching is not good you can have a separation even after your second marriage.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Hi Navneeth gaaru

    Thanks for the information

    i have intrest on one girl

    Whose birth date is 5th september i am not sure of the year

    it should be 1987-1990

    i think thats the last hope for my marriage Please lemme know whether i will get married to her and will i be happy with her as she also likes me and i too like her

    Please answer this query

    Thanks in Advance

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    Dear Sir,
    Could you plz analyse my chart for marriage prospect plz.
    When I will get married?love or arranged?how will be married
    DOB:14 July 1981,
    TOB:20:57 pm,

    Thanks for the help.

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    Navneet Khanna

    You need to find out and provide the complete birth detail of both horoscopes and you can take paid services from top menu, in which I can do a complete Gun and Grah milan, that means Gun Milan and also matching of the planets (More Important). This is a 4 pages analysis and complete in all respect of horoscope matching.


    Navneet Khanna

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    kritika tiwari

    Namaskar sir …my name is kritika tiwari.. DOB is 16-01-1995,,,,,time of birth is 08:50 am…sir i want to know that in which year i will get married…. Sir please reply ASAP..thank you..

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    kritika tiwari

    Namaskar sir …my name is kritika tiwari.. DOB is 16-01-1995,,,,,time of birth is 08:50 am…place of birth DELHI…sir i want to know that in which year i will get married…. Sir please reply ASAP..thank you..

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    You are only 19 and it is too early to think about marriage. I am sure that your parents will be doing the needful at the right time. In the meantime concentrate on your education and get a suitable job. We will help you at the most appropriate time.

    Perhaps it might of interest to you to read my articles on

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    What does mean jodi upar se ban kr atti h .but in real life so many issues.sometimes love failed or parent dont agree.pls tell. That why we are worried.if im not wrong jis se shadi honi ha god apne aap kra dege sir ji please give some details.kisi se pyar kia phir shadi nh ho payi why this

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    Love is different from infatuation. Most people who love are in fact infatuated with the opposite sex which happens in human life. Marriage is the union of body, mind and soul and this happens only with God’s concurrence.

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    kritika tiwari

    Sir i agree with u…but i only want to know… So will u please?

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    Please come through Paid Services if you are so keen to have an evaluation of your horoscope.

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    Dear Sir,

    Please predict when will be the marriage?

    06:05 Am

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    You should get married before your next birthday.

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    Dear tmr sir ; please tell my marriage or martial happiness strength. When its possible Name prashant 24/12/1986 3:25 am delhi

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    amit mishra

    My name is amit mishra
    Dob 24-04-1993
    Tume 8:45 pm
    Place varanasi

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    Navneet Khanna

    Hi Amit,

    Chances of love marriage are very much in your horoscope, you have Venus lord of 7th lord in 5th house exalted and conjoined with Mercury. However as debilitated Ketu is posited in the 7th house, matching of the horoscope should be done for marital happiness. Marriage is after the 25th year of birth.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Myat Pwint Phyu

    Please kindly let me know when I will getarried and appearance of my future husband (like well-built or skinny or fat,tall or short ,same race like me or not)
    DOB-May 4,1995
    Time-5:40 am

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    You are only 19+ and it is too early to think about marriage. Concentrate on your education and try to first get settled and be financially independent.

    Read to get a better understanding of Astrology.

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    Can you please let me know on my marriage prediction? When will i get married? Thank you. GBU

    Date of birth : 30 July 1986
    Place of Birth : Ipoh, Perak
    Time of Birth : 2.30am

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    Navneet Khanna

    Hi Geena,

    In Your horoscope you have three malefic posited around and in the 7th house which is the prime house for marriage and married life. You have Saturn posited in the 7th house leading to delay in marriage. Ketu or the south Node of Moon is in the 6th and Mars is in the 8th house forming the Pap Katri Yoga. You are also a strong Manglik person. Marriage yoga is going on and there is a delay but not denial. Your efforts would certainly bring positive results during this period. However I suggest that you match your horoscope properly for a happy married life, due to the affliction in your chart. You may do the Mangal dosha remedies and Maa Bhagwati Puja for Marriage.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Hello sir,
    My dob 19 january 2000
    Time 22:00
    Place of birth chandigarh
    I want to ask about my studies and also my social life.
    It will really help me sir…
    Thank you

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    Dear astrologer,
    My name is Deepthi
    D.o.b 5-5-1991
    T.o.b 3.55 a.m
    P.o.b srikakulam (andhra pradesh)
    Please let me know when I’m going to be married.

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    The lord of the 7th house Mercury is the weakest planet in your horoscope and that is what is causing the delay in marriage. You are more of a Career person than a housewife. You will do well in career as per your charts.

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    Thank you
    That’s fine sir.
    But even I haven’t started my career life
    So please say firstly about my marriage ..
    Thanking you
    Looking forward..

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    I have nothing to say definite about your marriage. You may get married or not. If married, do not expect a happy marriage. Forewarned is forearmed.

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    sriram sarat kumar

    Respected sir,
    My name is sriram Sarat kumar
    D.o.b: 26-11-1984
    T.o.b : 2 am
    P.o.b : srikakulam ( andhra Pradesh)
    Please predict my marriage time I’m
    32 now I’m very much worried about mymarriage .

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    Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are weak in your horoscope and added to that you have a Pravarjyayoga also in your horoscope which are the causes of delayed marriage in your life. There is a feeble chance you could get married towards end 2017 to mid 2018 though marriage will not be a bed of roses for you even later in life. There is all possibilities that your wife will overrule you and you could feel miserable even if you get married. I am sorry that this reply will be disappointing to you, but that’s how things are in your horoscope if your time of birth is accurate. Read my blog for more details.

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    uday kiran

    Dear sir,
    D.o.b 18-11-1994
    T.o.b 10.44am
    P.o.b Visakhapatnam
    Sir please let me know my marriage time ..

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    Pls tell when will I get married


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