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Married life and motherhood

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      Dear sir please tell me will i have happiness in marriage life in near future?and will i become mother.

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      Your fifth house is afflicted and it is doubtful that you will have a happy motherhood.

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      Sir does it mean i will not become mother?

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Your lagna is Tula.
      For children ,fifth house has to be seen.
      Fifth house owner is Sani.
      Sani is with kethu in Lagna.It is dosha.

      Further ,sun and Kuja are seeing fifth house.
      It is also not good.

      You may be having some health problem in
      stomach or uterus region.

      You have to practise the following method for
      4 or 5 months.

      Holistic method to clean horoscope dosha or cure any disease.

      1. Diseases may vary from person to person.According to Upanishads the cause of

      every disease is accumulation of toxins in the body.Sarve rogan mala

      vasah(sanskrit). Mala means bad matter.It has got inner meaning

      which means papa(sins).

      2.Similarly a person faces calamities or failures in life due to placement
      of a planet in bad place or due to receiving bad aspect from a evil planet
      In the olden days ,people are advised to do tapas to remove
      horoscope dosha.Tapas avoiding some negative foods and eating some
      positive foods…

      3.Krishna said in Bhagavadgita that Ayush(longevity),arogya(health)can be gained
      by by taking the diet of satviks(saints or holy people ).It means that uncooked fresh vegetables and fruits with juices.Sloka runs like this–Ayu sattwa bala arogya sukha preeti—etc.

      4.Yoga diet containing uncooked vegetables can do miracles.They contain divine
      power and clean each of the crores of cells in your body.
      You have to drink unfiltered juice of 30 coriander leaves,15 pudina
      leaves,10 palak leaves,10gms of ginger and 15 gms of bittergourd.
      You have to drink this juice in the morning,on empty stomach.

      5. Yoga diet contains some dos and donts.You should not take milk,buttermilk,
      curd, ghee,icecreams,sweets of sugar and jaggery,mutton, fish,
      eggs,alcohols,smoking for 4 or 5months.

      6.You see in internet what veganism means.
      Veganism means avoiding milk,curd,buttermilk,tea,coffee,
      eggs,nonveg.It means you have to avoid animal products
      for 4 or 5months.

      You should not take sweet fruits like mangoes,

      7. .In Gita, Krishna says that god is present in everyone in the
      form of vysvanara(jatharagni or hunger).Sloka runs like this–Aham vysvanaro
      bhutva.Fasting or semi-fasting increases hunger and thereby cleanse the body.

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        No sir i didnt have any health problems.pls kindly tell me is there happy marriage life and motherhood in my life

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      You got Rahu in seventh house.
      You have got negativity in horoscope.
      You read the article in my previous post.
      The same method works for curing diseases or
      removing dosha in horoscope.
      Horoscope dosha happens due to bad karma
      from previous life.
      You have to follow the method in the article
      for one year.That will lessen the dosha.

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