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Mass death

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      Ramesh Agarwal

      Hello Respected Astrologers ,

      Please clear my doubt regarding how fate operate on a host of passengers who board a flight meant to perish in a tragedy. All of them will be going through different Mahadashas and some may be going through the best of their times but still they had to perish on a ill fated day. How does this happen ? Please enlighten me . I have read many news articles where 200 plus passengers sharing the same fate though it’s very tough to think that all of them had their worst times going on in that period .

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      There are 2 people dying every second in this globe and this means that 1,72,800 people die in a day. That is nature’s law. Death is not something to be frightened about. Everyone of us has to die one day. Astrology is only for the evaluation of a human life from birth to death. It is totally wrong to think that the horoscopes of all the people dying on an air crash are the same. They all had different lives when they lived. It so happened that they were together in the air crash. Astrology cannot predict the death or birth of any living being. It is controlled by nature which again need not be similar or follow any particular algorithm.

      Death is nothing to be frightened about. It is not an unpleasant experience. In fact it is the pleasantest of experience you can ever think of. Living in this world is the most strenuous and unpleasant of experiences. You can read my blog for more details.

      Please read my blog and you will understand what astrology is all about. In particular read “Life after death”. Nothing can be predicted using astrology, it just can evaluate your life in the universe of a person based on their time of birth which is a unique one. No two persons will have the same evaluation.

      And at the end of every Yuga, the universe is destroyed in toto and the new Yuga begins and the process of life and death do continue. Who controls it is what is meant by the word “God”

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Astrology is concerned about a person’s horoscope.
      It wont tell how an accident happens or why a war happens or
      a big diseases breaks out.
      Generally,when sun eclipse happens in a particular star,some results
      are told.People who write almanacs predict such things.
      That is called mundane astrology.Astrology of individuals is called natal astrology.
      Wars,big accidents,famines or widespread viral diseases happen killing
      several hundreds of people in a span 3 months to 12 months.
      When foreign rulers are invaded India,many thousands or few lakhs died.
      Likewise,Mahabharata war also killed lakh or lakhs of people.
      Second world war killed lakhs of people.
      In Germany itself ,millions of people died.
      Recent wars in middle east killed thousands of people and displaced
      lakhs of people.
      There is definitely science which can predict.
      It is for the governments to encourage that science and create it as a
      subject in universities.Some mystics also got capacity to foretell such

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      jvsrao (KP Astrologer)JVS RAO(KP Astrologer)

      In astrology, we consider maraka (2nd and 7th) and badhaka sthanas to know about death. At a particular point of time i.e at the time of accident or certain event, the ruling planets at that time would be the significators of maraka and badhaka of the ill fated people. The ruling planets to whom linked to 11th house, they escape in the incident unhurt. The ruling planets to whom 6th house is connected they will sustain with injuries.

      This is my experience recently. While I was traveling on a bike with my friend as a pillion rider. Our vehicle skid on the road, I was unhurt, but my friend had bruises on the feet. We checked our horoscopes. The ruling planets at that time are the significators of 4th, 8th, and 12th. But to me the ruling planets are connected to other houses.

      If we check up the dates of all the persons, we can find the same. The ill fated people might have born on different dates, times and places. But the significators of maraka and badhaka would definitely operate conjointly as ruling planets at the particular time.

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