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Mental stress and family problems

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    Hi I have been very stressed lately lots of arguments with my family especially my younger sister and mother
    I have no peace of mind at home and things are very rocky
    My mom does not support me very much and alsways misunderstands me

    The only person who supports me is my dad
    I also feel very isolated from people

    Will things improve any remedies I have given up on things

    Dec 29 1991
    Mississauga canada

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    Most of your problems will be over by end of this year when you will get a good job and relocate yourself to a different place, chances of which are very bright.

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    Can anyone confirm this from my horoscope are there any remedies?

    Will things improve?

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    Yes Sasha. Your have good time from Nov 2017. Saturn’s retro movement to Scorpio is leaving the whole world crazy not just you. Saturn will return to Sagittarius in October. And you have Mercury sub dasha starting from Nov 2017. So it will fix all your problems.

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