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Most Complicated Chart

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      Hello Readers

      I am facing a lot of difficulties in finding/maintaining relationships – there is no fault in my actions – i have loyal, caring and devoted. Will i ever find the right partner? Or there is denial of marriage / happy relationship in my chart?

      My Dob; 22-Aug-1991
      Time: 09:28 am
      Place; Mumbai, INDIA

      I am a virgo ascendant – sun, mars, jupiter,venus and mercury in 12th house – venus, jupiter and mercury are completely combust
      Rahu + moon in 4th house and aspect 12th house
      saturn (r) in 5th house

      My D9 chart is also very tricky
      Gemini rising
      moon vargottam with mars in 7th house
      jupiter+ ketu in 11th house (parivartan yoga)
      saturn in 10th house
      sun, venus and mercury in 12th house

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      Yes, you have a strong Pravarjya Yoga in your horoscope which happens in the 12th house which will deprive you of bed pleasures in life despite being married. Read my blog for a getting a preview of scientific evaluation of a horoscope. Have a look at the strength and nature of planets in your horoscope.

      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Benefic 14.71
      Moon Benefic 23.74
      Mars Malefic 16.88
      Mercury Benefic 10.47
      Jupiter Malefic 4.95
      Venus Benefic 16.06
      Saturn Benefic 35.49
      Rahu Malefic 40.36
      Kethu Benefic 75.37

      Net Benefic 27.37

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      Thank you for the quick response sir, but as per my understanding mars & moon are exchange in D9 chart – between 7th & 11th house

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      If you have all the understanding why waste our time asking for advice. Are you trying to improve your horoscope by teaching us your axioms which you have heard from someone uninitiated in this science.

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