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Multiple Divorce in horoscope

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      I am wondering what’s wrong with my horoscope as I have had three divorces in the past . Does that mean marital life is not meant for me ?

      DOB 21 oct 87
      TOB 12:30 PM
      Place palakkad, Kerala

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      Have a look at the strengths and nature of planets in your horoscope.

      Planet Nature Net effect

      Sun Malefic 55.99
      Moon Malefic 2.81
      Mars Malefic 9.83
      Mercury Benefic 18.41
      Jupiter Benefic 78.51
      Venus Malefic 23.01
      Saturn Benefic 51.05
      Rahu Benefic 50.02
      Kethu Benefic 77.01

      Net Benefic 46.40

      4 important planets are very weak in your horoscope. Your happiness in life is below 30% which is what is being reflected in your life.

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