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My 5 yrs old daughter don’t speak

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      Hello sir,

      My 5 yrs old daughter doesn’t speak

      D.O.B -26/12/2017
      Time -2:30 am

      She doesn’t speak much says papa,kitty,monkey,doggy,,few words only but don’t say much and is now 5 years old
      Doctors check for ASD and said speech delay

      Please suggest us some remedy and when she will properly talk

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      Navneet Khanna

      As per the horoscope of your child, her lagana is Libra and rashi is Meena or Pisces. Her Saturn mahadasha and Rahu period is going on, this is not a good period. Also her Saturn Sade satti is on. Saturn is in her 3rd house of speech and communication. Saturn is a planet of delays and obstacles. So Saturn remedies should be done. As per her horoscope she will speak but the progress will be slow. You should consult a doctor and probably put her on some therapy along with astrological remedies.


      Navneet Khanna

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