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My duaghter's upcoming Rahu dahsa

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      Priya Lakshminarayan

      My duaghter’s birth details is as follows:

      Birth date: 20.02.2002
      Time: 20.50pm
      Place: Mysore, Karnataka

      Her Rahu dasha is going to start from next year (2019). In her horoscope Rahu, Saturn and Moon are in 9th house. Morever, in her transit next year, Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu will be in 8th house and Ketu in 2nd house. Iam worried. Please let me know how her rahu dasha period will be.

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      jvsrao (KP Astrologer)JVS(KP astrologer)

      It seems you know astrology and then why do you worry about Rahu dasa? What do you expect of transit? You can get clarification if you express your doubt.
      Every aspect is to be seen from lagna only not from moon sign. Her lagna is Virgo. Moon is in 8th bhava in Taurus (9th sign from Virgo). Saturn and Rahu are in 9th bhava Taurus.
      Rahu is conjoined with Saturn who is the lord of 5th and 6th houses. Rahu is in the star of Mars in 7th(competitors) and sub of Saturn in 9th (purva punya or Bhagya or higher education). That Saturn signifies 8th and 11th through Moon. Rahu, being a Node, signifies Venus lord of 2nd in 6th. So Rahu gives the native 2nd (finances), 6th(success through loss to the other competitors), 8th (gains without pains, other’s money), 11th (success in all undertakings). If you blend all these finally you get the result: She will get scholorship in her educational institution.
      When Rahu dasa starts Rahu has the power to give her above result. Is it not good for you? I advise you to read the books, learn and apply the principles. Don’t go by internet and worry over it. Please encourage her not to worry unnecessarily and work hard to get the reward, as 8th house gives her tensions also.
      Best wishes

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Her lagna is kanya.
      Sani and chandra are in ninth house.
      According to my software ,
      rahu is in 10th house at 0degrees and 43minutes.
      Rahu dasa will be good.
      Please verify and tell me.
      Rahu is with Guru in 9th house,
      according to another software.
      If the house owner where Rahu were to be located
      in kendra—it will be very good.
      But in this case,sukra(owner of Taurus)is in
      sixth house..It is not good.

      You did not tell in your question,where
      Rahu is located.

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