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My Husband And Me Having Bhakut Dosh

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      We have regular tiff even after 4 yrs of marriage. One astrologer says that there is Bhakut Dosha in our horoscope because of which there is problem in our marital relationship. My dob- 25.12.83 , 11.10 a.m Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.

      My husband dob – 17.05.79, 3.10 pm Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

      Please Help me …any remedies

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      Placement of Moon is only one of the things which we look at while analysing compatibility between horoscopes. There are 8 other planets too all of which have to be considered while establishing marriage compatibility. Bhakut Dosha is only something about placement of Moon in the horoscopes which generally indicates only a small degree of mental compatibilities. Minor tiffs now and then are part of life and you should ignore it. If you have lived 4 years together, you could as well live for 40 years together. Bhakut Dosha is not going to hamper it. Read my articles “Myths and misconceptions in Astrology”.

      If you want a detailed compatibility report of your horoscopes which is not warranted after 4 years of marriage, you will have to come through Premium services.

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