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My husband’s mental state

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      My husband was born on 28th November 1970 at 6-20 morning

      He is experiencing tension and anxiety at office due to tooo much stress – it also affects his peace at home.
      He is always charged and takes others wrong by words . We lack domestic peace at home .my children too find it difficult to talk normally with him as he finds fault in them constantly .

      Worried … can you please guide as as why it happens and when will the situation improve .
      He is under constant stress .

      Already he is a heart patient Iam worried a lot . How is r
      The next one year period for him.

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      Hi Jayshri,

      Your husband might see some short term improvement in October this year.

      In the longer term, he might have some recovery from the year 2022.

      But from the age of 53 onwards, his situation should be somewhat better. He will still suffer from stress, etc but there is hope for some stability.

      Hope you found this info helpful.

      Wish you all the best.

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