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My son tried to commit suicide

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    Respected Gurus and Dear Friends,

    My son is going through a bad period in his life. 2 years ago, a cunning girl deceived and manipulated him, he left his job, and had severe PTSD for 6 months. It has gotten a little better, but continues even upto this day. He has had extreme anger issues, esp. since then, and is completely disinterested in getting his life back on track.

    On 21st June, he tried to commit suicide by jumping from a running train, had his left arm and both legs broken, was in the ICU for a month thereafter and is still on bed rest.

    I see that his Ra is in (Dhanu) Lagna, and Su, Me and Ke in 7th (Mithun). Also Sa in 2nd (Makar, in Mesh Navamsa) opposite Ju (exalted, and in Dhanu Navamsa), Ma (debilitated, but in exaltation Makar Navamsa), Ve (enemy, in Makar Navamsa) all in 8th (Kark). His Mo is in 11th (Tula) alone, with no planets adjacent to it, aspected by both Sa and Ma, and in Scorpio (debilitated) Navamsa.

    He used to be good, obedient and somewhat timid as a child, mentally hyperactive and brilliant, good at mathematics and philosophical argument, somewhat cunning, diplomatic, mocking and rude, and has always been lacking in overall physical energy and social skills.

    I am worried that he may be impotent and/or gay, and that he’ll never get married. He dislikes women in general, except for his mother, and lately I’ve observed that he has disregard for his own sister too. He always keeps saying the world is too evil and that people are worthless in general.

    Also, lately he has been showing severe mood shifts, sometimes sleeping little to not at all for a few days, and then for most of the day, for a few days, in an alternating cycle. I’m worried this is the onset of some mental illness. He is without motivation all the time.

    There’s one more thing: he said that on 15th April 2015 at 4 AM, he had a near-death experience, when he felt he’d left his body, and experienced unimaginable happiness for a very short while. I’ve observed he’s become much more egotistical from that day onward. That makes me worry all the more.

    I would be extremely grateful for any advice on these matters, as they have been cause of severe worry for the past 2 years.

    His birth details are as follows:

    [June 21 1991] [07:55 PM (+/- 5 min.)] at Robertsganj, UP, India (24°42′N 83°04′E)

    Thanks for taking your precious time to read, and Regards,


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    He should be all right by mid 2017 when his Mercury sub period will be over in Jupiter Mahadasa. He has a fairly potent horoscope with a net strength of 54.28%. His Sun is totally powerless and that could be the reason for his timid personality. Have a look at his planetary dispositions.

    Planet Residential Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net effect

    Sun 2.06 1.70 0.05 98.24 Benefic 0.04
    Moon 10.55 3.39 4.96 91.65 Malefic 0.88
    Mars 97.09 10.37 81.88 7.75 Malefic 89.57
    Mercury 33.98 8.16 23.52 68.32 Malefic 10.77
    Jupiter 83.56 40.28 18.05 41.68 Benefic 48.73
    Venus 98.82 49.01 30.01 20.98 Benefic 78.09
    Saturn 38.88 25.70 10.68 63.62 Benefic 14.15
    Rahu 66.59 32.10 14.38 53.52 Benefic 30.95
    Kethu 66.59 15.99 46.10 37.91 Malefic 41.35

    Net 55.35 20.75 25.51 53.74 Malefic 25.60

    Perhaps if he can do SuryaNamaskara early in the morning during Sunrise after a cold bath, he can ease the ill effects of the malefic Sun. Please read my blog

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