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My son's future

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      Dear Sirji,

      My son is completely gone out of control, left home and living separately. Few weeks ago he comes home saying he is married to his girl friend, which we were against initially because all the astrologers recommended a strong rajju dosham, which is not good.

      I am frustrated in dealing with him. I’d like to know any reason he is behaving like this? I wouldn’t think he needs us anymore but I wish he understands his parents and comes home again.

      DOB: January 09, 1991
      Time: 10:35 a.m.
      Place: New Delhi, India


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      Navneet Khanna

      You are experiencing results of generation change which is happening in the society. Children of today are more self centered. I usually tell my clients that today if your children come and ask about you, be happy that they still care, in today’s world dont expect children to be ‘Shravan Kumar’ . I do feel that he is totally wrong in his behavior, but at the same time, you knowing your son, taking a strong position against his marriage was equally wrong. Horoscope matching is a great way to judge a relationship, but children today want to choose their partner on their own. You have to come to terms with the new social order that is their today. I suggest that if the Rajju dosha is the only issue , then call your children , both the boy and his new wife, who is now also your daughter-in-law. Do the Rajju dosha puja. Have faith in God all will be fine.


      Navneet Khanna

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      Your son’s lagna is Kumbha.
      Lagna owner Sani is in 12th house.
      It is a bad point.
      Sukra is very important planet for this lagna.
      Sukra is in 12th house.
      It is very bad point.

      There is strong negativity in his horoscope.
      The horoscope owner (your son )has to do penance for two years.
      If he cant do penance,you can do penance on his behalf, to reduce
      cruelty of planets.
      Once in three days,you can massage his head for two or three
      minutes,so that punya is transferred to your son.

      When you are facing problems in life,it means that some planets are
      bad in your horoscope.
      The planets turn bad due to bad karma of previous lives.

      Negative influence of planets may be due to your bad karma of
      your previous lives.
      It may also be due to the cumulative effect of bad karma of
      your father and forefathers and also from mother’s side ancestors
      upto seven generations.
      Hindu texts on Dharma say that an individual carries in his
      body the sins of ancestors of his father and mother,upto seven
      generations..It is called the specific genes and dna of the individual.

      Your horoscope is your DNA or genes.

      Most peope will have bad periods in their lives,because of
      bad karma at birth.
      Souls will take birth in such families where
      their previous karma matches with the sins of their would be parents.

      YOu have to do penance for 6 to 12 months to reduce cruelty of planets.
      Penance method.—-
      Pranic energy or divine energy or quantum energy is spread throughout the universe.Every individual contains a minute quantity of that pranic energy. Pranic energy is small bundle of divine force inducted into the body in the second month of pregnancy.
      This pranic energy enables you to breathe throughout life and gives energy to heart,liver,lungs and kidneys to function until you die.Death occurs when pranic energy is exhausted. Kundalini is a bundle of nerves at base of spine.Bad karma spoils kundalini.
      Bad placement of planets in horoscope leads to financial and health problems.For health problems,3 or 6 monthspractice is sufficient..For financial or other problems,12 or24 months practice of penance is necessary.YOu have to do penance for 12months,to removethe negativity in horoscope.
      Methods of penance—
      1.Penance means observing fast for one day in a week.
      On the day of fast ,you can eat uncooked vegetables,for
      two months.
      After two months,you have to fast for one day in a week,
      by drinking diluted lemon juice with honey.You can drink
      lemon juice(diluted) with honey ,daily 10 or 12 times.
      Prime minister Modi was doing fast for the last 30 years,
      for two days continuously in every week.
      Likewise,Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness and popularity was
      attributed to his fasting for longer periods of 20days in every
      year,in addition to small fasts very frequently.
      Sri Morarji Desai became prime minister at the age of 84.
      HIs life history shows that he was also fasting frequently,
      for longer periods

      3.Feed birds and animals.
      If you keep a pet animal(dog or cat)in your house,
      it will share your bad luck.
      4.Do daily 10 rolling namaskars on floor.
      It is called Anga pradakshinams.
      Ask any senior priest of temple its meaning.
      5.Do daily 15 atma pradakshinas.
      Ask any temple priest how to do it at home.
      6.Avoid cooked food in the nights.You can eat
      unlimited quantity of uncooked vegetables.

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